What are the causes and effects of poor communication in

Assignment Detail:- This is a group researched proposal, and some of the requirements are already been done- To make: 1- Abstract - 200 words - 2- Rationale of the study - 800 words- 3- Project budget Please refer to the documents that is being sent and take note- Only my part should be filled as above mention- Abstract -200 words-Summarise the major elements of your proposal in this page- 1- The rationale of the studyProvide a research contextand issues that surround the research topic- Explain why this project is needed and demonstrate the evidence for this need- Evidence could be a limitation of a previous study on the selected research topic or previous literature that suggest there no adequate information to explain the problem or no solution exists for that problem- Think of this section as building the case for the problem you plan to investigate and define the problem- 2- Significance of the studyThrough the comprehensive exploration of this research on the barriers of communication that might be affecting the outcome of the construction projects in Australia- 3- Preliminary literature review Research questionsDefine the problem in the form of research questions and objectives- You can also have one or hypotheses if applicable-Based on a review of the literature, two primary questions were developed to address the empirical limitations of poor communication in the context of building projects in Australia- The two meta-level questions and objectives proposed for this research to identify and investigate the causes and consequences of inadequate communication in the construction sector are as follows:• Research question: "What are the causes and effects of poor communication in the construction industry????"• Research objectives:- To identify the main causes of ineffective communication in the building sector-- To evaluate the effects of these causes on construction projects • Research question: "How project management team can develop effective communication strategies or methods with project´s stakeholders????"•- To examine effective communication strategies- To investigate communication practices used on construction projects 4-1 Definition of key termsDefine any used term that may be vague or have a contextually related meaning- 5- Research Methodology5-1 Research Approach Guided by the research onion, structure this section starting with Research philosophy then approach to theory development, methodological choice, strategies, etc- References would be needed in this section to support your justification- Include your research methodology diagram or flow chart here- Research approach and data collection methods should be detailed enough to describe how you intend to answer the research questions and achieve the research objectives- In this section, you should select and justify a methodological approach to solve the problem -i-e-qualitative, quantitative-- 5-2 Data collectionmethods and analysisThis section should include a set of investigative strategies or methods which is considered, coherent and appropriate to the outcomes that the project is designed to achieve- Will it be based on a survey, interviews, examination of secondary data or combination of methods???? And what are the reasons of choosing a certain method- If you are using a survey method, you should specify the target population,sampling plan, identification and access toparticipants, the methods and tools you will use to distribute the questionnaire and analyse collected data-It is also encouraged to provide samples of the survey questions you intend to ask and how the questions are aligned with your objectives-

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