What are resources? What resources should you consider when

Assignment Detail:- Question 1-1: What are resources???? What resources should you consider when determining project cost???? Question 1-2: Describe three-point estimating and how to undertake this type of cost analysis- Question 1-3: How do you develop a project budget???? Question 1-4: How do you create a cost management plan???? Question 2-1 What is best practice for project financial management???? List and describe the processes- Question 2-2 2-2-a Why are the variances from budgets and forecasts important to know???? 2-2-b What causes budget variance???? Question 2-3 How can you make sure a project maintains its financial objectives???? Question 2-4 2-4-a Why do project managers need accurate and timely reports, and what financial information is required to manage the project's finances???? 2-4-b Who is usually responsible for a project's financial management???? Question 3-1 How do you collect the information you need to complete financial requirements for a finished project???? Question 3-2 Describe what is involved in a cost-benefit analysis and the advantages and disadvantages of this process- Question 3-3 What questions must be answered by a review of cost management issues???? Question 4-1 Summarise the purpose of organisational business procurement policies and the elements typically included in them-

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