Website redevelopment and hosting and maintenance services

Assignment Detail:- Part 1 Program Governance Implementation Project 1 - Website redevelopment and hosting and maintenance services for Destination: Australia This project is for the technical upgrade of the Archives' website Destination: Australia- In order to ensure the best value for money and optimal functionality -for the website and related exhibition interactive- going forward, it is necessary for the website to be transferred from a proprietary CMS to a commonly available CMS -including, but not limited to, an Open Source CMS--The website will enable the National Archives of Australia to collect user contributed data about the photographic collection featured on the site- The interface must be modern, engaging and user-friendly, designed to meet the needs of people of all ages, and differing levels of computer and English literacy- The website must interact successfully with an exhibition interactive via an existing API- There is an option for hosting, maintenance and support services to be provided from contract execution until 31 December 2019- Project 2 - Re-development of IntranetA redevelopment of the Clean Energy Regulator Staff Intranet into SharePoint Project 3 - Database for community engagement - Software As A Service Customer Relationship Management system -SAAS CRM-The National Radioactive Waste Management Facility project is currently in Phase 2, best described as the technical assessment and continued community consultation phase- One site has been chosen to progress to this stage while other as yet unknown sites may also progress to this stage- The project team requires a database -Software As A Service Customer Relationship Management system -SAAS CRM- to effectively and confidentially manage large volumes of data, including names, addresses, opinions of community members and contact details- This will assist in ongoing community engagement- The system must be fully operational -tried and tested- within two weeks of the commencement of the proposed contract- The project, and related community engagement, will be ongoing for years- Access to maintenance and advice will be desirable- Your task is to, taking into account the 3 projects above to be developed concurrently, develop a program governance plan- The governance plan must:document program role and responsibilitiesdetermine finance and resource authoritiescompare decision making processes and outcomes against program objectivesidentify alternative program management systemsdesign a program records and configuration systemcompare types of effective program policyidentify ways to support program implementation-In order to achieve this task, develop a full governance report for the program that includes and utilizes all the templates attached- Purpose:The Programme Brief is an outline definition of what a programme is expected to achieve in terms of benefits, outcomes, scope and objectives- The contents of the Brief, once approved by the programme's sponsoring group, will be as the basis for developing the detailed programme definition, benefits profiles, business case, plans and governance arrangements- Quality Management PlanPurposeTo provide a schedule of Quality Management activities including implementation of the quality management strategy-To specify the resources for quality activities/audits/reviews etc-To show how and when quality work will be monitored- Part 2 - Program Compliance Report For the program as outlined in Part 1, research and outline the relevant compliance standards that would be applicable to the program- Once the compliance standards are determined, develop a compliance checklist for audit purposes- Ensure the compliance checklist addresses any relevant legislation as is applicable to the specific projects embedded in the program- Simulate the use of the checklist in a mock audit and report any non-compliances and present required actions to address non-compliances noted- Attachment:- Program Governance Implementation-rar

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