VU21990 Recognise the need for cyber security in an

Assignment Detail:- VU21990 Recognise the need for cyber security in an organisation - Victoria University Assessment - IoT Implementation Business and Arts - IT Studies IoT Implementation This assessment will require tasks to be completed on a Raspberry Pi, communicating within a group as well as several written questions to complete- You will need to address the points within this document- In this assessment you will cover the following topics: - IoT Devices Scenario Business BackgroundJim's Trade Supplies -JTS- is a small supply company providingtradies with the tools, fasteners and industrial supplies they need-JTSstock a number of trusted brands, like Bolle, Paslode, Powers, Bostik, Lufkin, Makita, and ProSafety, to suit tradies needs perfectly- Frequently putting our trade supplies products through onsite testing as well as controlled environment testing to make sure that we understand its capabilities-JTS believe that a sale does not end as soon as you walk out- Their customers are not just lost in the system - JTS follow it through from beginning to end, recordingallpurchases- In the unlikely event of a warranty claim or theft, customers are covered; JTS have recordsof all purchases from years ago, meaning customers do not have to find them to prove proof of purchase-JTS ask that you sit back, relax and enjoy the experience in dealing with a reputable, honest South Australian Company who delivers on their promises and listens to you-Our customers can have complete confidence in their purchases-JTS comprise of the• Owner -Manager- - Jim Strutz• Admin Support x 2• Sales Team x 3• Delivery Driver x 2 RequirementsJTS has just won a tender to supply stock to the Australia Defence Force- As part of final sign-off, JTS must ensure that their ICT infrastructure meets the required ADFsecurity levels-As the IT Works "Desktop Specialist", you will be working with JTS to implement the needed ICT Infrastructure changes to meet the required ADF security standards- Part A - IOT Device 1 -Create ISP Internet Speed Monitoring Device Jim from JTS and his team have been experiencing internet speed issues which are causing problems for standard business operations- Jim has spoken with the iiNet support team but has been told that he needs to provide some speed net data prior to the issue being resolved- The ITWorks manager has had a great idea that he / she thinks you can have a bit of fun with as it involves some IoT technology-You need to:• Briefly describe your understanding of theISP Internet Speed Monitoring DeviceProject--approx- 100 - 150 words-• Program the Raspberry PI to capture ISP speeds using the Speednet site resource as the guide-• Create a csv output file demonstrating the captured data of the working ISP Internet Speed Monitoring Device- Save it as JTS_speedtest_YOURINITIALS-csv-• Create a directory named JTS_speedtest_YOURINITIALS to store the file locally-• Automate the process using crontab run the script every 30 minutes-NOTE: You will need to thoroughly collate the above images and present them using the following organisation document -exampledoc for basic layout etc-, including the speednet csv file and upload to Learn for assessment- Part B- IOT Device 2 - CreateIOT Device of your choice: The ITWorks manager was impressed with what you have been able to do with the internet speed monitoring device- Your manager wants you to collaborate with your ITWorks peers to come up with and agree on another IoT project-Your need to:• Work in a small group of 2 - 3 people researching and discussing some Raspberry Pi projects that would be beneficial to JTS -external students will be assigned groups - please email your lecturer for details--o IMPORTANT: Use the Student-Subject Forum to reach out to other students within the subject to make groups- This is done by either responding to a student post request link or by creating your own post by clicking the ‘Add a new discussion topic'- If you get stuck please contact your subject lecturer to assist and they will add you to a group-• All communication needs to be recorded, kept and included with your submission which can be either:o Group emails-o Group Skype text chat-o NOTE: All students need to actively contribute to the discussion by voicing opinionsregarding project ideas etc-• Once you have mutually decided on a project you then need to individually:o Briefly describe your understanding of the IoT Project you have chosen -approx- 100 - 150 words--o Configure the device to the project requirements, thoroughly recording your steps with screen captures along the way-o Provide screen captures demonstrating your working IoT device• You need to provide a link within the submission document to the project details you followed-• IMPORTANT: You need to include details that indicates it's your own work egstudentID/FirstNameLastName for output folders and file names etc- Attachment:- Recognise the need for cyber security in an organisation-rar

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