Using your knowledge gained from the learning materials and

Assignment Detail:- Part - Discuss Flip-asm Overview Hack assembly programs -*-asm code- can manipulate registers, RAM, and I/O devices in the Hack Computer- Your task is to go over a given Hack assembly program named Flip-asm, and explain the given code- Flip-asm is included in the task resources- Part requirementsa- Go through week 6 class materials on Cloud Deakin & complete the practice problems in week 6-b- Read the task instructions Part Instructions 1- Using your knowledge gained from the learning materials and learning sessions in week 6, load the given Flip-asm into the CPU Emulator- 2- Experiment with the inputs and observe how the program behaves- 3- In your own words, discuss the given code line by line- Be sure to explain what is happening in each line, and why- Link back to the concepts discussed in the unit, especially in week 6- 4- Include your discussion in a document -1 page max-- Please do not upload handwritten text- You can include diagrams -hand-drawn or not- if you prefer - but this is not required-

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