Understanding within this unit, along with a reflection

Assignment Detail:- Helping Others Part requirements Collect and present evidence that you have been able to help others achieve understanding within this unit, along with a reflection that indicates how this has helped you on your journey towards becoming as an IT professional- One of the main criteria is that your ‘helping others' should be offered continuously and regularly from week 2 week to week 11, and not just help in a couple of occasions during the trimester- Submit the following files to OnTrack:- Your reflections & documents as evidence- See details below- Part Instructions For this task, we want you to demonstrate that you have been able to apply what you have learnt in the unit to help others along the trimester- There are some clauses here that can help guide you:- Helping someone fix the problem themselves is better than doing it for them-- Sending someone your answer is never helpful and may result in plagiarism issues for yourself and the other student-s--You can help other students in a number of ways, but not limited to the following: - Help answer questions on the discussion board - you can evidence this from the posts and any responses you get-- Create a visualization, animation, tutorial or other means of clearly communicating concepts from the unit and share with the teaching team so that we can publish it on the unit site- This would need to be insightful, and helpful to others who are learning the concept- - Help and provide live Q & A support to your peers who need help in SIT111, via the ‘Peer Support Channel' of the SIT111 Unit Team on MS Teams- If you are providing support via a meeting, remember to record the meeting as that will be needed as evidence-- Create a set of Parts -3 - 4 in terms of quantity- that we could include in future versions of the unit-- Volunteer at the IT Help Hub - the Help Hub coordinator will present you with a certificate of appreciation at the end of week 12 as evidence, if you are qualified, your application is accepted, and based on your commitment at the Help Hub- More application details will be given in week 2 via the SIT111 unit site - SIT111 Help Hub Information -> Help Hub Volunteer Program, and the application will open in week 4- Please note that if you do help out in class or at the Help Hub, you will need to be willing to take feedback from the tutors who are responsible for those events- Always remember that you need to be respectful of other students and the staff in this unit- To get this task signed off, your efforts will need to be seen as beneficial by the teaching staff and other students- If you do a great job of this, it could become a milestone shown in your portfolio aiming for a HD- Please do not use only the quantity of your work for the justification- Quality of the deliverables are always a top priority to demonstrate your achievements- Reflections: At the end of the unit you need to reflect on the experiences you've had, and your own development that occurred as a result of you helping others- What can you learn from the issues they had???? What things did you need to review???? How did it change or develop your understanding or skills???? When you reflect on this, try to relate to the Deakin Graduate Learning Outcomes: GLO1 Discipline-specific knowledge and capabilities GLO2 Communication GLO3 Digital literacy GLO4 Critical thinking GLO5 Problem solving GLO6 Self-management GLO7 Teamwork GLO8 Global citizenship Towards the end of the unit, no earlier than week 10, you need to submit a document that outlines the following:1- What did you do to help others in the unit during the weeks 2-10???? 2- Where evidence of this can be found -should be dated from week 2 to week 11 continuously, not just in a couple of occasions-- E-g- the discussion board, a link to your tutorial/video/article, supporting letters from staff etc- 3- Your reflections -see above-

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