Understanding of the impact of globalization on

Assignment Detail:- HI5013 Managing Across Borders - Holmes Institute Case Study Analysis Assignment Identify the key problems and issues for the MNC- Specify the main problem or the main challenge for the MNC- Analysis of a Multi-National Corporation -MNC- Case Study Students are required to research and analyse a case study of a multi- national corporation -MNC- of their choosing, based on their own research and interest in the weekly topics from the unit outline- To adequately complete this assessment, students must follow the sequence of steps outlined below:1- Identify the most important facts of the case study-2- Identify the key problems and issues for the MNC-3- Specify the main problem or the main challenge for the MNC-4- Brainstorm and then state the alternative courses of action to show how the MNC can deal with the main problem or the main challenge-5- Evaluate each course of action for the MNC in your group discussion-6- Discuss and recommend the best course of action for the MNC- Students are required to apply the theories and knowledge derived from the unit materials, demonstrate critical analysis and problem-solving skills, provide a considered and comprehensive evaluation of their selected case study- Students must use correct in-text citation adapted Harvard referencing conventions- Learning outcome 1: An understanding of the impact of globalization on organisations and their management;Learning outcome 2: An understanding of strategy issues in international business;Learning outcome 3: An understanding of the skills required by managers to manage in a global context-Learning outcome 4: An understanding of major exit and entry strategies in international business;Learning outcome 5: An understanding of -PESTEL- political, economic, social, technological, environmental and legal forces that influence decision making in international business- Purpose: This group case study analysis is an opportunity for students to demonstrate their understanding of unit concepts, apply their knowledge of the theories and unit material learned and develop group- based problem solving skills and apply them to a contemporary multinational entity operating in different markets around the world- The case study can be selected from those listed in the textbooks -Refer to page 4 below- as provided in the unit outline or from another source, provided that it is deemed an acceptable and credible academic source and is approved by your local campus lecturer-The case study is to be based on a well-known multi-national corporation -MNC-- Students must ensure that their case study has not been selected by another group- Analyse the selected and approved multi-national corporation's -MNC- case study in terms of the following key topics: • Corporate decision making• Strategy and Globalisation footprint i-e- which markets has the MNC penetrated-• Organisational Issues• Human Resources Management, including training and employment relations In this report,• Use sub-headings• Use appropriate paragraphing• Reference the sources used with correct in-text citation conventions / protocols-• Provide a full list of references at the end using correct referencing conventions• Check the safe-assign report and modify the submission if it is Medium or High risk- Required Activities:• Firstly, students should familiarise themselves with the unit content from weeks 6 -11-• Students will need to work in co-operative groups and select a case study after careful consideration- -Refer to page 4 below-• Students should supplement their knowledge with wide research of the MNC in the case study and consider referencing other academic sources, which will support their case study analysis-• Finally, students will need to discuss the case study and collectively determine the key problems and issues, specify the main problem / challenge, determine alternative courses of action for the MNC, carefully evaluate each course of action and lastly, make a recommendation as to what the best course of action is for the MNC, based on your group discussion-• Students should then prepare and complete a group report, which covers the key topics within the overall case study analysis-• Students must follow the correct in-text citation conventions / protocols and end of report referencing conventions using the Harvard referencing style-

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