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Assignment Detail:- AMB163 Introduction to Public Relations - Queensland University of Technology Public Relations Audit This assessment has been co-designed by industry experts to prepare you for work experience roles in public relations -hereafter "PR"-- Based on the content covered in the first module -W1-W6-, you are expected to apply your knowledge about PR to -a- conduct an audit of three PR tactics -e-g-, media release-, -b- analyse their effects in terms of how they contribute to organisation-public relationships -OPRs-, and -c- make recommendations to guide future actions- Mimicking the real-world activity of media monitoring and analysis, you will select an organisation and collect and analyse three PR tactics- This process builds your understanding of how organisations communicate with stakeholders across multiple channels and consider content-channel alignment- The assessment task is outlined below- Step One: Select an organisation This semester, we focus on the airline industry- Please -1- select one of the following organisations and assume you work for them for this assignment and -2- browse the selected organisation's online newsroom and digital platforms to become familiar with the ways they communicate with key stakeholders- • Qantas« Online Newsroom « Facebook « Instagram « Twitter « LinkedIn « YouTube • Jetstar« Online Newsroom « Facebook « Instagram « Twitter « YouTube • Rex Airlines« Online Newsroom « Facebook « Instagram « Twitter « LinkedIn Step Two: Identify and analyse three PR tactics from the organisationIn this step, you will assume the role of a PR assistant who has been asked to review three PR tactics implemented by the organisation- These tactics must include a media release available on theorganisation's online newsroom- The two other tactics should be from the organisation's digital platforms such as a Facebook post, a Tweet or other social media posts- The three tactics selected must be related to the same message and must have been published between March 2021 and February 2022- A tip would be to start with a media release, after which you identify a Facebook post and a Tweet that reflects the same message- You will need to include screenshots of the three tactics in the appendix- Conduct an "audit" of these three tactics by analysing the following elements:• What are the cognitive, affective, or behavioural aims of the message????• Does the message put out by the organisation suit the channel -i-e-, content-channel alignment-????• How is the same message communicated differently across the three channels and why????• Who are the publics being targeted???? Step Three: Identify and analyse amplification of the PR tacticsAfter selecting the tactics, please review how external stakeholders -e-g-, the media or customers- have used or responded to these tactics and discuss how this may impact the organisation's relationships with their publics- If your press release has resulted in media coverage, identify the degree of alignment -similarity and/or difference- between the media release and news coverage- Because the chosen media release may result in a large quantity of news articles, please pick one article to analyse and discuss- You may use Factiva, or Google News to find the news article- In this section, you might answer the following:• Was the aim of the organisational message translated clearly in the news article????• Did the journalist frame the headline and lead differently and what was the impact of that????• What additional sources were used by the journalist and what was the impact of that???? If your social media posts have resulted in comments or sharing via the platforms, identify the degree of alignment between message aim and stakeholder responses and theme and degree of agreement in stakeholder responses- In this section, you might answer the following:• How many stakeholders commented????• What was the nature of their comments and how does that affect the organisation????• Did the organisation respond and how effective was that response???? You should scan all the relevant comments- Some tactics may not have received media coverage or social media comments- If that is the case, please suggest why that might be the case and the impact of this-These notes can form the basis for recommendations -see next step-- Step Four: Provide recommendations to guide future actionsIn this step, please consider your findings across all three PR tactics and their amplification- In doing so, think about the gaps and/or effectiveness of the tactics- Following your analysis, provide some recommendations to your organisation- These recommendations can address alignment gaps or opportunities to maintain practice and should consider how they will improve the organisations' relationships with their publics- While there is no set number on the number of recommendations required -as it will differ from case to case-, please be reminded that the CRA is interested in how effective the recommendations are and if they are backed by academic and industry research- Presentation of analysisThe assignment should be structured like a report using headings and sub-headings followed by a discussion- You do not need to include an introduction and conclusion- The headings should align to the steps in the assessment guide: 1-0 PR Tactics Details -list the name of the organisation and the date on which the three tactics are published, briefly describe the message and the channels on which it is presented- -see Steps One and Two-2-0 Audit of Message -see Step Two-3-0 Amplification of Message -see Step Three-4-0 Recommendations -see Step Four- References Attachment:- Introduction to Public Relations-rar

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