Understanding of Australian plant diversity, speciation and

Assignment Detail:- Literature Review Learning outcome 1: To gain an understanding of Australian plant diversity, speciation and evolutionary relationships ASSESSMENT ITEM  DESCRIPTION This assignment will test how well you can access the appropriate literature- It should be well constructed and appropriate to the topic chosen- Between 2000 and 2500 words are required- Don't forget to use Google Scholar - it is very useful for specific papers- Google for Guidelines of how to do one - there are a number on the web and there is one on your site- Choose ONE -1- of the following topics:- "Plants and pollinators have evolved over millennia", statement from T-H- Fleming et al- -2020- American Scientist, 108-6-: 362-369- Discuss the evidence supporting this statement- To get you started here are a few papers- You do not need the paper as you are discussing the statement-Toon et al- 2014 -- BMC Evolutionary Biology-doi: 10-1186/1471-2148-14-43Science 2019 - doi-10-1126/science-aav6962 Science 2020 - doi-10-1126/science-aay3662 Hopper, S - A number of papers since about 1984 on W-A- flora and pollination-- ORSpeciation concepts - numerous references, try both Google and Google Scholar start with "plant speciation concepts", 'plant' must be included because plant and animal concepts are not necessarily the same- A place to start could be the American Journal of Botany volume 101, issues 7 and 8, -2014- as well as any others you can locate - Try New Phytologist also as new papers are coming out all the time I want to see old and new references so I know you have scoped the literature-- OR- Choose a plant family in a local area and discuss the variation that occurs between different species and genera -This will require you to collect some material-- Either from observation or literature searches or both, speculate on the ecological adaptations enabling a number of species and genera to occupy a given area- What are the niche requirements for each species- As a starting point, Google "Cunninghamia" and search for Volume 3-4- Plants of the Sydney District, by Benson D- & McDougall L-, this is the last paper in this issue, you could also look at Volume 4-4- etc- - this will give you some idea of the differences you may find between species/genera etc-

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