Understand the common terms and definitions of cloud

Assignment Detail:- CLBE 304 Cloud and Beyond Learning Outcome 1: Understand the common terms and definitions of cloud computing models, architectures and technologies Learning Outcome 2: Critically analyse the technical capabilities and business benefits of virtualisation and cloud computing Learning Outcome 3: Evaluate various service delivery models of cloud computing architecture, and the ways in which clouds can be deployed as public, private, hybrid, and community clouds Learning Outcome 4: Discuss the governance and security challenges that cloud deployments experience, and how these are addressed Learning Outcome 5: Evaluate a set of business requirements to determine suitability for a cloud computing model Assessment Part: A written assignment undertaken in groups of three or four students acting as consultants to an enterprise considering implementing a cloud solution in a global environment- Reflecting the nature of the IT industry, students will be placed into multicultural teams- Students are required to write a report of 5000 words on implementing a cloud solution to an enterprise in a global environment- Students can choose an organization from any industry -For example, banking, retail, health/hospital, etc--- Ensure to familiarize yourself with all of the task requirements- You must address the following in your report: 1- Explain current business process of the selected organizations that can be migrated to cloud- Issues/drawbacks related to the selected processes- What benefits can be achieved by transforming to cloud???? 2- Discuss various requirements related to cloud deployment in the selected organization- For example, you can explain cloud deployment models and service models with respect to the selected scenario and organization- 3- Explain proposed cloud solution and justify the solution, highlighting how it will help organization to overcome the issues/drawbacks or improve the current business processes- 4- Discuss Ethical, Governance, Maintenance and Security issues related to the organization and proposed solution 5- Explain the implementation of the proposed solution including factors that you will consider while implementing the solution- For example, storage, speed, security, access, etc- The structure of the submitted report would be: • Title Page• Executive Summary• Table of Contents/List of Figures• Introduction• Business Process Explanation/Application• Cloud Deployment Requirement• Cloud Computing Solutions and Justifications• Cloud Computing Solution Issueso Ethicalo Governanceo Maintenanceo Security• Implementation of the Proposed Cloud Computing Solution• Conclusion• Reference The word count should exclude any Appendix- Your report must include:• At least five references, out of which, three references must be from academic resources-• Harvard Australian referencing for any sources you use- Attachment:- Cloud and Beyond-rar

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