Understand some of the fundamental techniques and

Assignment Detail:- ME502 Overview of Digital Communication - Melbourne Institute of Technology Overview of Digital Communications Assessment - Source Coding and Implementation The purpose of this assignment is to motivate students to seek and understand some of the fundamental techniques and application of waveform coding for digital audio transmission and digital audio recording Assignment 1A: Source Coding in Digital Audio Systems Digital audio has become an integral part of our lives- Nearly all transmission of speech signals and music over mobile phone channels is currently digital- Moreover, digital audio and video recording in social network platforms has become very popular- This assignment exposes the student to real world applications of digital communication in digital audio transmission and recoding systems- It is therefore essential for each student to understand and acquire essential skills through practice and critical review of some of the existing techniques and write a technical report based on his or her investigations- Requirements The student needs to address the following three areas: 1- a- Requirement analysis: student is required to analyse the following for digital audio in high fidelity digital music transmission systems:• Assume the highest frequency of an instrument is 11, 200 Hz- Sample the signal from the instrument at four times the Nyquist rate- At what sampling rate do you expect aliasing to occur???? b- How many QPSK symbols do you expect to have in one second of the sampled signal out from this instrument at the sampling rate in a-????• Draw the constellation diagram for QPSK system and explain the diagram in detail-• Required number of bits per sample to achieve a high signal to quantization noise level for high quality audio- 2- Write a detailed review and analysis of waveform-coding techniques used in digital audio transmission and recording- Describe in clear details the techniques in use including PCM and DPCM- Attachment:- Overview of Digital Communications-rar

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