Understand, and be able to modify, very simple interactive

Assignment Detail:- ICT101 Introduction to Internet and Web Development Overview In this assessment, you will first read and understand a case study on the development of a website that serves as a marketplace for second-hand products- In this assessment, you will focus on frontend development- In particular, you will be addressing the architecture design of the website and developing a prototype for the website in the case study- Then, you will demonstrate your HTML and CSS programming skills and apply them in this close-to-real-life web development project- Learning Outcome 1: develop simple web pages using and demonstrating basic aspects of HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript; Learning Outcome 2: design effective and user-friendly simple web pages, embracing usability principles and adhering to style guides; Learning Outcome 3: understand, and be able to modify, very simple interactive web systems using PHP and MySQL on the server side; Assessment Parts Part 1: The company management now asks you to create a registration page in HTML- Each potential customer should be able to fill up a form entering their personal details such as their name, address, mobile, and email address- You also need to incorporate an external CSS code into this project- Since this is only a prototype, you should incorporate a JavaScript code that will validate the email addresses of each entry- If the entered email address is wrong, the system should put out an error message that says, "Invalid email address, please re- enter email address"- Part 2: The company management also wants you to incorporate a signup and login system using PHP and MySQL- You need to use a form to collect user registration information including a username and a password- Once submitted, the registration information will be sent to the server and stored in a MySQL database- Entering the wrong username and/or password should generate an error message- If the login is successful, you should be redirected to the home page with a greeting saying, "Hello <your_name>, we are pleased to welcome you in our website!" Attachment:- Internet and Web Development-rar

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