Underlying factors creating the problems among Amazon

Assignment Detail:- Description: Building effective workplace behaviours Background: The recent pandemic resulted in an unprecedented economic and social crisis that impacted employees- Many employees were required to work in isolation from each other that changed perceptions of trust behaviours- Zak -2017- contends that a key challenge for organisations is for leaders to foster trust among employees- He suggest that the benefit for fostering organizational trust is increased employees' productivity, improved collaboration, and cultivation of a loyal workforce- Case Study "Amazon's 38 rules for success" Part: Motivation - Bringing It All Together - Class Folio exercise- For background context, read the Topic 4 case study "Amazon's 38 rules for success" which exposes the impact on employees of Amazon's feedback system and a breakdown in productivity and trust- You have been hired as a management consultant to help managers in Amazon's distribution centre- Drawing on the key learnings in Topics 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and the scholarly and professional literature, write a report with practical strategies that will help the Amazon managers build trust among employees- Your analysis of the underlying factors creating the problems among Amazon employees should address the following issues: 1- Impact of Amazon's organisation values on employee behaviours- 2- The impact of Amazon's feedback culture on employee trust- 3- Contributing factors of employee turnover- Attachment:- Effective workplace behaviours-rar

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