The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate your

Assignment Detail:- Assignment Purpose:The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate your ability to implement an IoT simulated environment- Your task in brief:• Based on the knowledge that you have obtained from Assignment 1, choose any area from IoT and develop a program to simulate the data pipeline from input -e-g- sensors- to ouput- • Implement your own IoT solution project on a simulated environment -or using a real device-- Record an approximated 10 minutes demonstration of your IoT solution for the Fresh Fruit Market and submit it with your report- • Write a report detailing information about:a- A brief introduction explaining the benefits brought by IoT platforms; b- The IoT platform launch process; c- The virtual/real devices registration process; d- Registered devices check to successfully connected network; e- Red-Node program showing nodes diagram connected; f- Visualisation dashboard showing sensors/simulation data in real-time; g- Conclusion- Attachment:- IoT simulated environment-rar

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