The Life Cycle of an Online Payment System Assessment -

Assignment Detail:- BN205 Project Management Assessment - The Life Cycle of an Online Payment System Learning outcome: Demonstrate project leadership skills; identify and assess risk in designing and executing a major project Assignment Description You are hired as a Project Lead for IT division by ‘Global Australian University- The university wishes to extend its operations to another level by using ‘online payment system' as the business is expanding- Most of the students are using portable devices including mobile phones and laptops for their work- The university requirements for online payment system are as below- 1- Payments can be made using MasterCard or Visa credit cards by students as university thinks it is more secure than any of the alternatives- 2- A receipt / payment confirmation will be issued immediately, which student can record or print- 3- Students can also receive an email confirmation along with the payment receipt saying that the payment has been successful- 4- The payment must occur in "real-time" so students can view the payment on their university account with no delays in updating- You need to produce a report outlining the following points and you can use business case or example to discuss these points- In your report, answers the following questions and use references in IEEE style wherever required- Question 1 Plan objectives of the online payment system for the above example- Question 2 Define who's who in the online payment ecosystem and their roles- Question 3- Break entire process of paying by card into various stages and explain each stage with block diagram- Question 4- Install ‘Razorpay Button' on your university web site by using generated code- Question 5- Upload screen shots of payment transactions- Question 6- Define Invoice/receipt fields and attach the pdf copy of invoice in assignment submission- Attachment:- Project Management-rar

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