The bank is taking action against Justine to recover the $2

Assignment Detail:- ACBUS201A Commercial Law - TAFE NSW Assessment Event - Portfolio Portfolio Activity Justine is studying at TAFE NSW in Sydney- She discovers that there is $2 million dollars in her bank account- She presumes that the bank has made an error- Justine has been a problem gambler for some time but with access to limited funds her losses have been minimised- With $2 million in her account she goes to the casino on a nightly basis- She loses $1 million in a three-month period- At one point she asks the casino to exclude her as she intends to get treatment for her gambling problem but the next week she is back saying she wants to gamble again- The casino admits her and offers her a chauffeured car to and from the casino every night- The casino staff know that Justine is a university student- They say they thought she must have a wealthy family- -a- The bank is taking action against Justine to recover the $2 million and Justine wants advice in relation to that- What advice would you provide???? -b- Justine also wants to know if she can take any action against the casino- What advice would you provide???? Harvard AGPS referencing Attachment:- Portfolio-rar

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