SWM203 Research and Evaluation in Social Work Practice

Assignment Detail:- SWM203 Research and Evaluation in Social Work Practice - Excelsia College ASSESSMENT: Literature Review and Research Topic - how people with mental disability are supported in western Sydney Assessment Description A key element in creating a successful research project is identifying a research question that explores an area that has not been previously researched, and justifying why it is important and realistic to explore this question- Researchers usually do this by reading literature / ideas that already exist, to make sure they don't replicate research that already exists- Think about an area of social work research that interests you, and look for literature that relates to this topic- This assessment requires you to develop one research question that will form the basis of your research paper throughout this semester- You will need to provide a rationale for why you chose this question -e-g- that there are gaps in the literature, with an explanation; research may have been conducted in one context, but you want to explore this research question in a different context-- You will also develop a literature review that is relevant to your research question, showing the main trends, ideas and research that has influenced the development of your research question- A sound literature review will summarise articles, but also highlight gaps in the research you find; these gaps may assist you in further developing your research question- Samples of literature reviews are available on ExO to give you an idea of how to write yours- Instructions1- References in APA72- Readings should be of Australian only3- Select two social work organisations only from western sydney for data and statistics and for reports for your research paper4- Use social work theories as well appropriately related to the mental disability and research paper5- Cover the gaps from different literature and content should be new, not copy pasting-6- In literature review, use as much as literature readings Just need to select one topic and then set one question that i need to solve through my research paper Then after that literature reviewMethodologyFindingsDiscussionLimitationsRecommendationsConclusion Attachment:- Research project-rar

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