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Assignment Detail:- SVY2302 Mine Surveying - University of Southern Queensland Underground Surveying Problems Question 1: As Mine Surveyor of an underground mine you have been instructed to design a tunnel to join a crosscut to a haulage drive- The details of the crosscut and drive are shown below- Crosscut Bearing: 61°06'25"   Grade: 1:50   Last Survey Station: 5417-744 E     2448-954 N     1099-439 RL Floor   Haulage drive   Bearing:   321°43'10"   Grade: -1:100   Last Survey Station: 5594-088 E     2384-402 N     1107-549 RL Floor The face of the crosscut is 80m ahead of the last station- Both the crosscut and haulage drive are 5m wide and 4m high- The tunnel is to have a circular horizontal alignment turning right from the crosscut with a radius of not more than 50m and not less that 30m with a maximum grade of 1 in 10- a- Calculate the co-ordinates of the two tangent points for the most cost effective solution- b- Plot the crosscut and drives at suitable scale showing all relevant information- Show the proposed walls as dashed lines on the plan- c- Calculate the co-ordinates of a point -STN 45- that is 5m along the centreline of the tunnel from the TP in the crosscut -TP1-- Check your calculations using the plan-d- From this point -STN 45- a chord line bearing 82°43' is to be set out- At 2m intervals calculate the centreline offsets from this line and reduced levels of the floor- e- At what chainage from STN 45 should mining cease and why???? Question 2: To establish horizontal control on a new level the surveyor has traversed between two single wires hung in separate shafts-   The surveyor has set up the instrument at IS100 sighted to Wire X and has installed and made observations to wall stations WS150 and WS151- The observations at IS1000 are as follows- To Wire X FL 215°44'30" 25-382     FR 35°44'16"     WS150 FL 60°19'45" 39-838     FR 240°19'31"     WS151 FL 67°14'48" 115-986     FR 247°14'56"   The surveyor then sets up at IS101 observed to the wall stations as well as WireY- The observations at IS101 are as follows- To WS150 FL 254°26'41" 121-766     FR 74°26'53"     WS151 FL 262°56'09" 45-983     FR 82°56'17"     Wire Y FL 115°18'40" 38-340     FR 295°18'32"   a- Calculate the final adjusted co-ordinates for the two wall stations WS150 and WS151- Outline your steps clearly- Question 3 The Falk underground coal mine has been mining the Hero seam which is a 4m high steaming coal, and the 3m high Devil seam, which is high grade soft coking coal, to allow blending and to produce coal for extra marketing potential- It is proposed to join the present workings in the Hero seam with the workings in the Devil seam with a curved drive through the rock to allow vehicular access between the workings- The interburden is competent sandstone- All survey stations are in the roof- The grades of both existing drives can be regarded as consistent- Survey data is as follows: Workings in Hero Seam Survey Station Easting Northing RL Location FH337 3402-123 4239-437 767-921 On heading centreline at the present face FH336 3526-326 4174-498 772-919 On heading centreline Workings in Devil Seam Survey Station Easting Northing RL Location FD113 3212-396 4125-585 758-881 On heading centreline at the present face FD112 3179-369 3942-687 757-592 On heading centreline The proposed drive will be 3m high and 5m wide, drivage to start at the floor at FH337- Mined material will be loaded out and dumped in back headings in the Hero workings- The proposed drive will be a circular curve with a tangent at FH337 and tangential to centreline FD112 - FD113- Grade is to be consistent from FH337 to FD113- a- Design the proposed drive- Calculate the radius and length of drivage- b- Calculate where the drive meets the centreline FD112 - FD113 -the coordinate of TP-- c- Calculate the grade of the drive to meet the floor of the Devil seam at FD113- d- Plot the drive plan showing all relevant information -show the proposed walls as dashed lines on the plan-- e- Calculate the total volume of material to be mined-

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