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Assignment Detail:- Assignment briefing The whole "let's experiment with mosquito DNA to make some dinosaurs" thing hasn't gone well from the tourism side of things- But in an optimistic turn of events, the use of dinosaurs as a clean energy source is on the cards -100% animal cruelty free-, and we need some enclosures quick smart so the energy people can do their thing- You'll need to sort out the survey data quick smart so the enclosures can get built before the energy dinos are too big for their temporary homes! First up is some level data - we can't risk anybody escaping because we made the enclosures too low! Following the level data is some horizontal and vertical angles that need checking and reducing - we'll use them to install the monitoring system of cameras- Last is a closed traverse, but the project manager can't make up their mind on which scenario they want, so we need to give them both scenarios and a brief explanation about each- Good luck in your mission! 2-1- Mission part 1:This part of the mission requires you to figure out the level data that your field crew has collected- But don't mess it up - no one wants a enclosure fence to be too low and the dynamic dinos make a run for it! Parts1- Based on the provided level run booking sheets, for the forward and reverse runs:1-1- Complete the Rise & Fall calculations1-2- Complete the RL calculations1-3- Complete the checks1-4- Confirm your calculations are ok 2- Undertake the misclose calculations:2-1- Determine the allowable misclose2-2- Determine the misclose2-3- Discuss whether the misclose is within allowable limits 3- If the level run is ok, adjust the level run, making sure to note which method you've used 2-1-2- ReportingTo assist the construction team, you'll need to report on your efforts- 1- Reduced level run with completed & correct:1-1- Rise & Fall calculations1-2- RL values1-3- Checks 2- Misclose calculations:2-1- Determination of the allowable misclose2-2- Calculation of the level run misclose2-3- Comments on whether the misclose is allowable or not, and what action can be taken as a result -1-2 paragraphs- 3- Adjusted Level Run that is complete & correct:3-1- Explanation of chosen method -1 paragraph-3-2- Adjusted values appropriate for the method chosen 4- Brief comments on the level run, noting any concerns or other points of interest -1 paragraph- 2-2- Mission part 2Now the levels are out of our hair, next up is the angles for the main enclosure area camera locations - you didn't think we'd be leaving these dinosunsupervised did you????! Your field team has observed the horizontal and zenith angles to the five camera locations, and you need to reduce them so they can get the posts in the ground quick smart! 2-2-1- Parts1- Based on the provided horizontal angle data:1-1- Select a reduction method and outline your approach1-2- Reduce the horizontal angles to the bearings, assuming the bearing to Station 1 is 0° 00' 00" 2- Based on the provided zenith angle data:2-1- Reduce the zenith angle data2-2- Determine the vertical circle index error2-3- Adjust the zenith angle data 2-2-2- ReportingTo assist the construction team, you'll need to report on your efforts-1- Reduced horizontal angles:1-1- Explain the method you have chosen to reduce the horizontal angles and outline the main steps of the process -1-2 paragraphs-1-2- Reduced the horizontal angles to bearings showing the process and your workings 2- Reduced and adjusted Zenith Angle data with complete and correct:2-1- Vertical Circle Index Correction2-2- Adjusted Zenith Angles 2-3- Mission part 3: Tricky traversesNow the levels & angles are out of our hair, next up is the traverse for the main enclosure area- Your field team has undertaken a traverse, but because the project manager isn't quite sure which option they're going to go with, they've had to collect one extra traverse leg for the second option- Using the data provided for both scenarios, you'll need to reduce the traverse data and translate surveyor speak for the project manager to know what's going on! 2-3-1- Parts 1- Based on the provided horizontal traverse data, for each scenario:1-1- Reduce the angles and bearings in the traverse1-1-1- For Scenario 2 you will need to check the provided bearing to Station E using the coordinates provided1-2- Calculate & assess the angular misclose1-3- Adjust the traverse for the angular misclose1-4- Calculate & assess the linear misclose1-5- Adjust the traverse for the linear misclose 2-3-2- ReportingTo assist the construction team, you'll need to report on your efforts- 1- Reduced horizontal angle traverse data for both scenarios with completed & correct:1-1- Reduced horizontal angles and distances - 20 dino points 2- Adjusted traverse for both scenarios, with complete and correct:2-1- Angular misclose calculations and assessment -1-2 paragraphs-2-2- Adjusted traverse for angular misclose2-3- Linear misclose calculations and assessment -1-2 paragraphs-2-4- Adjusted traverse for linear misclose2-5- Comments on the differences between the two scenarios, and impact this has on the results -2-3 paragraphs-- Attachment:- task sheet-rar

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