Supervise the planning process and organisation of on-site

Assignment Detail:- CPCCBC5003A - Supervise the planning of on-site medium rise building Assessment Part - Practical The assessment task requires you to supervise the planning process and organisation of on-site building or construction work projects up to and including medium rise commercial and wide span buildings -medium rise licensing classification with reference to Class 1 and 10 construction, Class 2 and 3 to a maximum of 3 storeys, Class 4 to 9 to a maximum of 3 storeys, not including Type A construction- for a current actual live project, or the attached construction project as a simulated project where you don't have access to a live project- The assessment task requires you to translate contract requirements into construction plans and processes, delegate planning tasks, apply construction planning processes that effect desired outcomes, development strategies that effectively maximise resource use and establish and maintain a workplace environment representative of good management practice- All parts as follows must be completed: Part 1 - Planning for a medium-rise building project Part 1 requires you to carry out a range of preparatory activities so that you can schedule the medium-rise project- You are to:• determine all building approvals and conditions required for the construction of the building, where to get them, the costs and the timeframe for gaining them - you may choose to use the planning tool template to provide this information or write a memo• determine all site services required for the building for the duration of the project• locate any site services or accommodation to be used for the duration of the project on a site plan- it is suggested that you make a photocopy of the site plan to use for this assessment• determine which staff members are to be involved in the planning and scheduling of the building - this must include who is to be involved in selecting materials and labour for the project• for each staff member involved, determine the tasks to be allocated to them, what the outcome or deliverable of the tasks is and the timeframe for the deliverable - and provide direction to each staff member about this in a memo• review procedures relating to your project, and determine whether there are any procedures that need to be updated or added to, to enable you to complete the planning of the building - if so, state what they are and make the changes required and submit the new procedures as part of your assessment• write a condition report for the buildings surrounding your site- Part 2 - Scheduling for a medium-rise building project Part 2 requires you to manage the schedule for a project and draft procedures to be used to manage the scheduling and construction of the medium-rise building-You are to make sure that the order of operations that is planned is correct- What changes, if any, would you make to the schedule provided???? Provide a brief to the Contract Manager advising him of the changes you are suggesting-The following scenarios all relate to required changes to the schedule for your building project: For each scenario you are to:• explain the impact on the schedule• propose a solution to the company • explain to the company what the implications are of your proposed solutions- Scenario 1Materials for the fit-out of the wet areas are not available- The supplier has informed you that replacement materials are being shipped from Italy with an expected delivery date in Australia of 6-8 weeks after the planned delivery date- Painting and final carpentry to the wet areas cannot be completed until after the tiling- Scenario 2The plastering team has been transferred from your project to another project to avoid cost penalties- The plastering team is not available to you until 1 December 20XX- Plastering must be completed before painting can begin- Scenario 3A severe storm has caused significant flooding and washed away the foundations that have been prepared for the car park and pedestrian paving to the building- Hail from the storm also broke two upper floor windows and one ground floor window on the south-west side of the building with some water damage to carpets on the upper level but extensive damage due to flooding on the lower level- It is estimated that at least 6-8 weeks of rework would be required- This may also include having to hire equipment to try and remove water that is pooling in the lower floor of the building-The conditions of the contract are as follows:• late penalties - 0-01% of total contract cost per week or part thereof-You are also to develop procedures to manage the scheduling and construction of the medium-rise building- Procedures that need to be developed include:• management of materials entering and leaving the site, including recording site deliveries• recording of, and paying for, the hire of plant and equipment• managing OHS in the workplace• rehabilitation of workers with injuries and return-to-work programs• hazard and risk management• removal of existing services, including hazardous materials from the site• handling and storing hazardous materials• project control procedures, specifically addressing controlling multiple projects• scheduling and making schedule changes for any reason• establishing and maintaining an effective work environment-Some of these procedures may have been developed in units you have already completed- Where this is the case, include a copy of the procedure in this assessment- The procedures can be in written form or you could also use a flow chart form- Attachment:- planning of on-site medium rise building-rar

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