Summarise your research question, methods, interview

Assignment Detail:- Assessment - Investigation Presentation Learning Outcome 1: Apply qualitative research methods through undertaking data collection through, e-g- focus group, interviews, observational methods Learning Outcome 2: Appreciate cultural and ethical considerations for qualitative research in Public Health Learning Outcome 3: Understand sampling techniques, bias and rigour as they apply to qualitative research Learning Outcome 4: Apply coding and analysis techniques to qualitative data Context: This assessment involves preparing a report with data analysis/discussion of interviews and a brief presentation- There are two steps for this assignment- Part A involves writing a report and Part B involves a 10 minute presentation in class- Assessment 3B advances skills in presenting the rationale, process, and results of a qualitative project- Key understanding includes how to present key information from their project design and results in a concise and effective fashion, and how to deliver a presentation effectively- The assessment prepares students for an important task common to the public health practitioner role- Instructions:Summarise your research question, methods, interview process, data analysis and results in a 5 minute presentation- You can use the presentation mode of your choice ie PowerPoint, Prezi- Assessment Criteria:- Understands the purpose of the presentation, and includes the content required in a professional manner- Effective presentation skills Attachment:- Investigation Presentation-rar

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