Summarise the supply chain associated with the work area or

Assignment Detail:- BSBSTR601 Manage Continuous Improvement And Innovation Section 1: Continuous improvement and innovation review- Summarise the business or work area-Review organisational documentationWhich documents did you read????Which policies and procedures will guide your approach to approvals, project management and change management????Attach the documents -including the notes you made as you read them- to this section of the portfolio-Attach the policy and procedures -including the notes you made as you read them- to this section of the portfolio- Products and servicesWhat are the products and services???? ObjectivesList the key business objectives- Key decision makersWho are the key decision makers -stakeholders to whom you will report or seek advice from-???? Operational processesDescribe key operational processes- Supply chainSummarise the supply chain associated with the work area or organisation- Performance ImprovementWhich strategies are currently used to monitor and evaluate the performance and sustainability of key systems and processes????Discuss the current continuous improvement systems, processes, and innovations being used- Policies and proceduresWhat are the organisational requirements for approvals, change management, project management and knowledge management???? Summarise and analyse current performance to identify changes and improvement opportunities- Analyse performance to identifyperformance variances from existing plans-Summarise the performance outcomes of your business-Include mathematical information in your summaryHow has the current business performance varied from what was planned????Attach documents showing performance information as evidence that you've collected the information- Identify and analyse trends and opportunitiesDescribe current trends and opportunities associated with industry in which the business operates-Analyse how these trends and opportunities impact the business- Analyse supply chains and operational and service systems to identify changes, improvements, and new ideasPerform Gap Analysis using the table provided to describe the current state of the supply chain and operational and service systems and the desired state of the supply chain and operational and service systems- Also identify solutions to bridge any gaps and the cost-benefit calculations of the solutions- You may identify more than one solution per issue Set objectivesWhat are the objectives for improving how things work????What are the continuous improvement objectives and desired outcomes???? Identify team members and seek their input- Identify at least two team membersWho in the team do you believe is instrumental to ensuring continuous improvement and innovation???? Give your rationale for this- Best practicesDescribe best practice ways of working that teams can use to achieve continuous improvement and to be innovative- Give at least four examples- Learning opportunitiesWhat learning opportunities exist for the team to improve their skills and knowledge in relation to continuous improvement and innovation???? Describe at least two- Seek inputInsert a screen shot of your email to the team members or attach it as evidence to this section of your portfolio- Attachment:- Project Portfolio-rar    

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