Suitable IP addressing scheme in tabular form (assume as

Assignment Detail:- MN621 Advanced Network Design - Melbourne Institute of Technology Assignment - Network requirement analysis and plan Learning outcome 1: Analyse the need for advanced networks, standards and network solutions; Students are required to use an industry case study of your PBL exercise to complete the assignment- Assignment 1 1- Project Scope and report requirements The project scope and requirement should have a detail explanation of the planning and designing of a network- It is recommended that bullet points are included whenever necessary- Use your Problem Based Learning -PBL- tutorial findings- The following is the scope for Assignment-• Write your own a real world business case study-• Include points that you have gathered from case study-• Discuss in a tabular form how the information obtained will be useful in designing the network- 2- Network design and justification• Draw a network design- Network should include the following requirements:o 3 routerso 4 switcheso 10 PCso 4 VLANs-• Suitable IP addressing scheme in tabular form -assume as many hosts as necessary for each department-- Use your MIT student ID to come up with your own IP addressing scheme -to avoid Academic Misconduct-- Justify the choice of IP address-  

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