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Assignment Detail:- STM5IPL Master of Data Science - La Trobe University Instructions: Students will write the final report around the following headings*- Abstract- -This is a couple of paragraphs - no more - which summarizes the content of the report- It must be comprehensible to someone who has not read the rest of the report-- - Introduction- -The scope of the project, motivation, literature review, setting the scene for the remainder of the report-- - Methodology- -Describing the methods you use with appropriate citations-- - One or more sections describing what you have done -focusing on the novel aspects of your own work, clearly outlining any limitations if any-- - Further work- -A section describing possible ways in which your work could be continued or developed- Be imaginative but realistic-- - Conclusions- -This is similar to the abstract- The difference is that you should assume here that the reader has read the rest of the report-- - References -Use a standard style like APA or Harvard-- - Appendices -may contain code, lengthy tables or groups of figures----- Attachment:- Reflection Report-rar

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