Statistical Report you will need to look at the bigger

Assignment Detail:- Statistical Report In the second part of your Statistical Report you will need to look at the bigger picture of sociopatial inequality as it has manifested in Sydney- Using the readings below, you should discuss the impact of either globalisation and the transition to the new economy, or the five faces of oppression, on your chosen comparison suburbs- How have they benefited from, or been negatively impacted by, these factors over time???? As with Part A, you should download a copy of the template to your computer, complete your response in the space provided in the template- The reading list for this assessment can be accessed via the Readings & Resources link in the left-hand menu, located in the 'Learning Zone' section- EXPLANATION OF REASONS FOR SOCIO-ECONOMIC DIFFERENCES -600 words- With reference to the readings that can be found in the relevant Readings & Resources list, define what socio-spatial polarisation is and explain how this relates to the socioeconomic differences between your chosen suburbs- - You MUST reference at least 2 of the academic sources -journal articles, book chapters or books- provided in the Assessment 1 reading list -available on vUWS-- - You MUST discuss either the transition to the new economy or the five faces of oppression- You can also draw on other relevant theories or concepts covered in the unit- - You MUST draw on the data you collected for your Part A submission to support your argument- - You can refer to content covered in the lectures in this unit - however, this must be in addition to the two academic sources outlined above- - This response MUST NOT be based on your opinion- If you are making a claim, support it with evidence- Attachment:- Statistical Report-rar

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