Stating the hypotheses, report the significance of overall

Assignment Detail:- STA8170 Statistics for Quantitative Researchers - University of Southern Queensland Objectives The purpose of this project is to provide hands-on experience in data analysis and report writing:-i- Selecting a dataset in a topic of your interest from the Project Data Sets folder on the StudyDesk;-ii- Conducting data screening, formatting and appropriate statistical analyses;-iii- Exploring data and fitting an appropriate linear model;-iv- Interpreting the results produced by computer package;-v- Checking the assumptions of the fitted model; and-vi- Preparing/writing a report on the project as a research report within 15 double spaced pages- Project Report Format The report should be prepared as a comprehensive document covering all aspects of the project within 15 double spaced pages including SPSS/R outputs- The report must contain each of the eight parts listed below along with the marking allocations are as follows: 1- Identify and justify the response and explanatory variables in the data set 2- Graphical display of relationship among the variables - interpret the relationships 3- Fitting of appropriate multiple regression model using SPSS or R 4- Stating the hypotheses, report the significance of overall regression - interpret the results 5- Test the significance of all individual regression parameters - interpret the results 6- Find 95% confidence interval of the most significant regression coefficient - interpret the results 7- Report appropriate statistic and conclude on the suitability of the regressors in the model 8- Checking the assumptions of the regression model - graph and comments- The following points should be noted and followed: 1- A completed Project Proposal Form -accessible from the StudyDesk-, must be submitted to the Course Examiner no later than 12 May 2022 -earlier submission encouraged- seeking approval for the Project- 2- You must not start your project before gaining written approval from your Course Examiner- 3- Once you have an approved proposal -several revision of draft submissions might be involved- it should be submitted/uploaded online on the StudyDesk via the Proposal Submission link before staring the work on the project- 4- The Final Project Report must be typed double spaced within 15 pages and submitted online as a PDF document through the Project Submission link on the StudyDesk by the due date- 5- Must be your own original work, and report to be written to the Examiner as the audience- 6- Presentation must be clear and systematic, methods should be justified and apply correctly, and all tables and graphs should have proper title or caption- 7- Referencing is not essential but may be included- Attachment:- Project Data Sets-rar  

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