State the null and alternative hypothesis for single factor

Assignment Detail:- HI6007 Statistics For Business Decisions Question 1The data in the table below presents the hourly quantity of production for three lines of production processes over the first 4 days in XYZ Company- Answer the questions based on the Excel Output given below- Day Process 1  Process 2  Process 3  1 33 33 28 2 30 35 36 3 28 30 30 4 29 38 34 ANOVA: Single Factor SUMMARY Groups Count Sum Average Variance Process 1 4 120 30 4-66667 Process 2 4 136 34 11-3333 Process 3 4 128 32 13-3333 ANOVA Source of Variation SS df MS F P value   Between Groups 32 ???? ???? ????     Within Groups 88 ???? ????       Total 120 11         A- State the null and alternative hypothesis for single factor ANOVA-B- State the decision rule -α = 0-05-- C- Calculate the test statistic- D- Make a decision- Question 2 Assume you have noted the following prices for books and the number of pages that each book contains- Book Price -in $- Y Pages X A 7-00 500 B 7-50 700 C 9-00 750 D 6-50 590 E 7-50 540 F 7-00 650 G 4-50 480 A part of the output of a regression analysis of Y against X using Excel is given below: SUMMARY OUTPUT   Regression Statistics   Multiple R 0-75027   R Square 0-56290   Adjusted R Square 0-475487   Standard Error 0-980614   Observations 7     ANOVA     df SS MS F Significance F   Regression 1 6-191972 6-191972   Residual 5 4-808028 0-961606   Total 6 11             Coefficients Standard Error t Stat P-value   Intercept 1-04155 2-37717   Pages 0-00990 0-00390               A- State the estimated regression line and interpret the slope coefficient-B- What is the estimated total price when a book has 1000 pages????C- What is the value of the coefficient of determination???? Interpret it-D- Test whether there is a significant relationship between price and pages at the 10% significance level- Perform the test using the following six steps-Step 1- Statement of the hypothesis Step 2- Standardised test statistic Step 3- Level of significanceStep 4- Decision RuleStep 5- Calculation of test statisticStep 6- Conclusion Question 3A reporter for a student newspaper is writing an article on the cost of off-campus housing- A sample was taken of 10 one-bedroom units within a half-mile of the campus and the rents paid- The sample mean is $550 and the sample standard deviation is $60-05- We assume the population for one-bedroom units is normally distributed- Your task is to construct a 95% confidence interval for the average rent per month for the population by addressing the following:A- Parameter of interest B- Point estimator C- Sampling distribution of the point estimator D- Specify the formula for the 95% confidence interval estimator for the parameterE- Perform the necessary calculations and write down the lower and upper limits of the confidence intervalF- Interpret the calculated confidence interval G- Briefly explain what would happen to the width of the interval in each case: -i- the sample size increased, -ii- the sample standard deviation increased, and -iii- the level of confidence increased Question 4The following information has been collected on the sales of greeting cards for the past 6 weeks- Week Sales -$- 1 85 2 90 3 95 4 110 5 105 6 115 A- Develop a linear trend equation that can be used to forecast sales of greeting cardsB- Use the linear trend equation developed in part A to forecast sales for week 7-C- Forecast the sales for week 7 using a three period weighted moving average with weights of 0-6 -week 6-, 0-3 -week 5- and 0-1D- Compare and explain why the results in parts B and C are different- Question 5 A- In what situations do we use non-parametric tests and parametric tests???? Explain with at least one example for each- B- Compare and contrast the scales on measurements used in statisics- Support your answer with examples- Question 6For a particular range of cosmetics a filling process is set to fill tubs of face powder with 4 grams on average and standard deviation of 1 gram- A quality inspector takes a random sample of nine tubs and weighs the powder in each- The average weight of powder is 4-6 grams- What can be said about the filling process, with 95% level of confidence????Step 1- Statement of the hypothesesStep 2- Standardised test statisticformula Step 3- Level of significance Step 4- Decision Rule -Draw a bell to show rejection zone-Step 5- Calculation of the statisticStep 6- Conclusion Attachment:- STATISTICS FOR BUSINESS DECISIONS-rar

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