SRQ774 Construction Measurement and Estimating Assignment

Assignment Detail:- SRQ774 Construction Measurement and Estimating - Deakin University Assignment - Practical Measurement Part Purpose The purpose of this assignment is to enable you to:• Articulate a thorough understanding of the basic principles and practices of measurement-• Demonstrate the use of the Standard Method of Measurement as used in the Australian construction industry-• Measure quantities to prepare tenders for common types of low and medium-rise construction-• Apply information technology in measurement- TASKFor Assignment 1, you are operating as a cost consultant or quantity surveyor representing the client- You are required to carry out works leading up to, including the preparation of a Bill of Quantities -BQ- to be issued during the tender stage- Refer to the attached drawings, the task requires you to prepare bills of quantities for the following work sections of ‘Victoria Street Apartments' project for the following items up to and including the ground floor slab-• Groundworks items• Concrete items• Formwork items Please note that you do not have to measure bored piers, retaining walls and staircases- You are required to measure the works and prepare BQ in accordance with the requirements of the Standard Method of Measurement that are applicable in Australia -i-e based on ANZSMM or ASMM- 6-- Please include the following in your report:I- Unpriced Bill of Quantities -BQ-: The BQ must be completed using a suitable software package-II- Manually bulk check the accuracy of 6 itemIII- All relevant annotated drawings or marked-up drawings, screenshots of computer- based measurements or any calculations must be included in your submission- Attachment:- Construction Measurement-rar

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