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Assignment Detail:- SOAD8020 Practice with Individuals - Flinders University Case Study - Case Note and Process Recording Process Recording 250 words per learning moment, Action Plan 250 words- References are not used in a Case Note- Use APA7 in-text referencing in your Process Recording AND Action Plan, provide a reference list- Step One:Write a Case Note using the SOAP model- What sits ‘beneath' the client storye-g- what conclusions have you drawn about your client and their circumstances -this can be salutogenic!- Step Two:Write a process recording in which you identify the 3 most significant learning moments and expand on these using this method: AnalysisWhat sense do you make of this situation????What third person knowledge -academic literature- helps me understand the situation???? Step Three:Create an action plan ACTION PLAN: What actions are you going to take prior to placement to improve your skills -support with references as to why each action will assist you i-e-, what is your evidence base for including each action in the plan-- NB- Ensure you identify ACTIONS not INTENTIONS- Step Four:References List -APA 7--

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