SITXINV001 Receive and Store Stock Assignment, Stanley

Receive and Store Stock Assignment -


Assessment Instructions: The first portion of this assessment will be completed during a period of time in your Term 2 of the Certificate III in Commercial Cookery. Please see the below instructions for this section of the assessment:

  • You are not required to complete any part of Assessment 1 on this document.
  • You will be assessed on a series of observable skills/tasks (listed below) during term two when working in industry with your trainers present.
  • This will currently take place at our external venue.
  • Each part of the observable skills are signed off by your trainers when you display the required skill or task, this will be linked to a specific week and signed off at that point.
  • You will not need to submit any evidence for this portion of the assessment, evidence is supplied by your trainer in terms of a sign off sheet.


Instructions - This activity is to be done in the classroom in the time that has been allocated to you. Please note that assessments can only be completed in class time for this activity.

Look at the attached order form and delivery note and fill in the chart with the information that is requested down the left hand column. This has been colour coded to make it easier to see which product you are answering as you go through the chart.

Order forms and delivery notes should match. If not then there is a problem. We must insure at all times that we follow the correct procedures when receiving and checking the orders, as we are paying for these goods and we should not accept any errors.

Remember: When checking the temperatures we use different types of thermometers. You must ensure that you use the right one for the job. Don't forget the Food Safety conditions on taking temperatures of food.

Task 1 -

Scenario: You have just received an order from the supplier for the goods on the following order form. You need to check these items against the delivery note. The driver has delivered the order at 7.15am and you are in the middle of the busy breakfast shift. You need someone to cover you, so you ask a colleague to help while you check off the order. The driver cannot wait as he is late for his next delivery, so you sign for the delivery and he leaves a copy of the delivery note with you and takes the other copy for himself.

Q1: Look at the order form and delivery note. What is clearly wrong with this delivery you have just signed for?

Q2: After doing your check you notice the following discrepancies. Mark the delivery note and highlight the discrepancies.

  • The beef fillet box is leaking and one package is damaged - What could have happened?
  • There is a block of ice at the bottom of the box of flounder

Task 2 -

To be completed on the delivery note

Mark the above errors on the delivery note.

There are other errors in this order. Please mark these on the delivery note also.

Task 3 - Knowledge Questions

Q1: What is the process used for recording errors on delivery?

Q2: What action would you take to correct the errors?

Q3: You must know the product life of various stock. Number these items from 1 to 4 (shortest shelf life to longest).

Whole mango


Tinned tomatoes

Cooking oil

Q4: Explain what you should do if you discover excess stock in storage.

Q5: Is it OK to store hazardous substances such as cleaning chemicals in the dry store with food? Why? Why not?

Q6: Give a definition of the following stock control systems

Bin Card system

Imprest system

Integrated point of sale system

Ledger system

Q7: Define the FIFO method of stock rotation. Explain how you would implement it.

Q8: List eight things you should check for when monitoring the quality of stock.

Q9: A new employee needs some safe manual handling techniques to use so they don't get injured when receiving, transporting and storing stock. Provide eight tips you would give them.

Q10: State where you would dispose of the following items to minimise negative environmental impact.

  • Cardboard boxes
  • Used serviettes
  • Bubble wrap
  • Glass bottles
  • Fruit and vegetable peelings

Q11: List three details you might be required to put on stock labels.

Attachment:- Assignment File.rar


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