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Assignment Detail:- SITXHRM003 Lead and manage people Assessment Part Performance objective:The purpose of this assessment is to assess your underpinning knowledge to complete the tasks outlined in the elements and performance criteria for this unit of competency and relating to the following aspects:• roles of and functions performed by supervisors and managers: a- decision making b- delegating tasks c- monitoring staff d- planning and organising e- providing information:- organisation performance- changes in organisational policies- marketing information and targets- overall organisational objectives- plans for new equipment- rationale for management decisions- technology updates- training developments• expectations, roles and responsibilities of team members: a- adhering to policies and procedures b- cooperative and open communication c- nature and scope of work d- relationships with others in the workplace and interdependent areas of activity e- reporting requirements• considerations in the individual development of staff: a- change in job responsibilities b- external training and professional development c- formal promotion d- internal training and professional development e- opportunity for greater autonomy or responsibility• features of different leadership styles• features of open and supportive communication• characteristics of effective leadership• principles of teamwork and: a- characteristics of effective teams b- roles and attributes of team members c- organisation of teams d- potential team problems e- benefits of effective teamwork• role and theories of motivation as they apply to the management of individuals and teams• the role of group dynamics in successful team management• forms of recognition and reward applicable to leading staff: a- acknowledging individual good performance to the whole team b- incentive initiatives c- informal acknowledgement d- presenting awards e- written reports to management f- types of organisational plans and planning processes Part A -Setting managing and communicating Key Performance IndicatorsFor this assessment you are required to consider a scenario from your industry and then set key performance indicators -KPIs- based on this scenario- You will need to consider the business reasons for the KPls, look at what the current KPIs are and set target KPIs to be achieved-You will then need to:1- Set and measure KPIs-2- Use new or innovative approaches to meet the KPIs-3- Define constraints to meeting KPIs-4- Know what to do if KPIs are not met-5- Use appropriate methods of communication-If more space is required for any answer you can attach a separate page containing name, assessment date, unit title unit code and the assessment task number and attach this page with the current assessment task beforesubmission- Hospitality Scenario:You are the supervisor of the Food and Beverage Service Team and have just returned from your monthly management meeting-Mr- McEIm, the new GM has reviewed the Sales and Customer service history from the past 12 months and accordingly developed and set new targets to improve the organisation's customer service provisions and sales targets- Tourism Scenario:As the team leader at Bulga Bulga adventure tours you are responsible for overseeing the promotion, bookingand tour guide teams of guided bus tours in outback Australia-The managing director has set business targets he would like to see achieved over the next 12 months- They are: Events Scenario:You are the Team Leader of the Events Management team and have received an email from your Managing Director- Part of the email reads: 1- Set and measure KPIsNOTE: Please choose ONE of the previous scenarios which most closely resembles your industry to set the following KPIs-Based on the chosen scenario, create 3 KPIs to help you monitor and manage the department For each KPI, outline the steps that you think need to be taken to achieve the KPI- You might need to employ innovative approaches -procedures, processes, systems, technology, etc- to make sure that you and your team achieve each KPI- 3- Constraints to meeting KPIs-What could prevent you -organisational constraints- from implementing these new techniques???? What needs to be considered????4- What to do if KPIs are not met-What will you do if you identify that staff members struggle or do not achieve the set targets???? Think about the technique you would use to find where the problem lies, who you would communicate with and the steps involved in finding a solution-5- Methods of communication- What methods of communication will you use to communicate the KPIs to your team???? Part B - Performance ReviewPerformance reviews are used by managers and supervisors to give and receive feedback from staff-In this part of the assessment you will create a set of evaluation criteria to monitor and evaluate your staff- You will need to:a- Set Job Responsibilities and Partsb- Relate job responsibilities to specific performance indicatorsc- Employee Feedbackd- Professional Developmente- Bonus and Reward Systemsf- Provide employees with feedbackg- Delegating tasksa- Set Job Responsibilities and Parts Choose one Job Role within your department and document the responsibilities for that job role- Use the following example as a guide: b- Relate job responsibilities to specific performance indicatorsUsing the job responsibilities you listed in part A, create specific performance indicators- You will need to:• State what the indicator is• Document how the indicator will be measured Employee FeedbackList 3 methods you can employ to encourage employees to give you open and honest feedback, and give an example of each: d- Professional DevelopmentTraining and development should help solve problems or skill shortages in the department and improve both the staff member and the business- List 3 techniques which you can use to identify problems or skills shortages in your department, which will help you determine training needs- e- Bonus and Reward Systems What is the purpose of a reward system????List 3 different ways you can reward your employees- For each reward type list any positive or negative aspects associated with the type of reward- Provide employees with feedbackYou should provide feedback to your staff on a regular basis- The method you use to provide feedback might depend on the time the employee has worked for you, and the context of the feedback you need to provide- For each of the following, give an example of a method of feedback -continuous, public, private- you could use to provide feedback to the employee- Attachment:- Assessment Part - Lead and manage people-rar

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