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Assignment Detail:- SITHKOPOO5 Coordinate cooking operations Assessment Part Performance objective: The purpose of this assessment is to check your ability to complete tasks outlined in elements and performance criteria of this unit in the context of the job role, and: Supervise food production processes and monitor and report on the quality of kitchen outputs for a minimum of twelve complete service periods -shifts- including: ° development of: • kitchen workflow schedules • mise en place lists • food preparation lists - -° calculating and ordering food supplies for at least four of the types of food service styles listed in the knowledge evidence- Coordinate cooking operations within commercial time constraints for food production processes, which must include at least two of the following categories: ° bulk cooking° cook chill for extended life° cook chill for five-day shelf life° cook freeze° fresh cook Assessment description: Part AYou will be observed coordinating cooking operations using 2 different food production processes for 2 different food service styles as selected in the table below- Your trainer will negotiate with you a suitable timeframe to fit within the 12 service instances you must complete as part of this unit of competency, and supported by the service log provided for Part B- The support documentation outlines in the services log and the observation criteria provided for each observation provide a guideline for performance and knowledge required to successfully complete each service instance- Part BA- Part B consists of 12 practical service instances where you are required to coordinate cooking operations, documented in a log- This log shall be used to document the coordination of cooking operations during full-service periods- B- The 12 service instances must include at least 2 of the following food production processes: Bulk cooking Cook chill for extended life Cook chill for five-day shelf life Cook freeze Fresh cook C- Each instance is to be recorded in the logbook attached, clearly numbered and dated on at least 12 occasions-D- Each service detail and task outlined in each of the logbook instances must be completedE- To calculate food requirements for recipes, use the template "Standard Recipe Card"-F- To collate food orders, you may use the electronic template "Banquet Analysis Sheet" -BAS- provided to you by your trainer-G- To record workflow planning and communication use the template "Workflow"-H- Recipe and workflow templates may be copied as required to suit your needs-I- For each service period you must provide:A workflow planA raise en place listA preparation list For 4 of the 12 instances, you must provide in addition to the above documentation:Calculations of food requirements and Food orders which must cover 4 of the following service styles: A la carte Buffet Set menu Table d'hôte Bulk cooking operations Functions and events Festivals Attachment:- Coordinate cooking operations-rar

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