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Assignment Detail:- SIT763 Cyber Security Management - Deakin University Use the SecureWorx SAD -Solution Architecture Document- New Organisational Management System Version 100 to complete this assessment task-} 1- Study Section 6-2-1: Server, and identify 8 infrastructure assets from this section and corresponding vulnerabilities - draw a table with two columns -asset & 2 vulnerabilities per asset- 2- Prioritise the assets identified based on their level of criticality to the organisation - draw a table to illustrate the reasoning behind this prioritisation 3- Identify and enumerate the type of data handled by each of these assets- What type of data, its estimated volume, sensitive/non-sensitive, data owners and data expiration time 4- Identify and enumerate 2 x threats for each of the 8 asset- Likelihood of their occurrence explained in 1-2 lines, and what damage can they do to the asset/organisation???? This is a brainstorming exercise- The focus is NOT on implementation of the technical cyber security functions; rather proposing the approach for the cyber security plan to manage the cyber security goals related to the business processes described in the SAD- Here are some steps to get you started:o Read, analyse and synthesise the SADo Identify one of the cyber security strategic goalso Translate cyber security goal into cyber security objectives and cyber security tacticso Show the relationship between goals, planning steps and measuring achievement of goals from2-} Attachment:- Cyber Security Management-rar Rated 4.8 / 5 based on 22789 reviews.

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