SIT726 Enterprise, Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Assignment Detail:- SIT726 Enterprise, Entrepreneurship and Innovation - Deakin University Case Study Report Outline Learning Outcome 1: Understanding what an enterprise is and how technology contributes to business process;Learning Outcome 2: Understanding what it means to be an entrepreneur in a variety of contexts- Assessment Part Outline Introduction:In this assessment you will prepare a website using the Pebble Pad Portfolio platform to present your case study report- The purpose of this assessment is to review enterprise-level start-up stories, focusing on how different entrepreneurs have develop their products; and to gain an understanding of the processes, business and market factors, and funding sources that they have used to support their ideas development- To demonstrate your understanding of the processes used and the personal profiles needed to create a successful start-up this assessment task will focus on three-3- sections:1- Professional Profile2- Skill Development3- My Learning Setting up a Pebble Pad Portfolio: Your assignment will consist of information to step through the important aspects of your work and profile- The format for the assignment will be in the form of a portfolio using the Pebble Pad platform- To set up your Pebble Pad Portfolio please follow the instructions in activity 2-3 Getting Started with Pebble Pad- For further suggestion on how to build your pages your can check out the additional Pebble Pad helps guides in the "Additional Guides for Getting Setup and Started with the Pebble Pad Portfolio Tool" folder in the Week 2 area- Section 1 - Professional ProfilePart of understanding the start-up story is to understand the individual, therefore to begin your own start up journey the first part of your report portfolio will be to present your Profile information-Within this section your will be working in the Professional Profile section of your Pebble Pad Portfolio and you will complete the follow two sections:» About Me page» About my Project pageAbout Me PageWithin this section of your portfolio you are expected to include:» a short introduction or bio about yourself and your future career aspirations» a self-reflection on the role you chose at your first preference and why you chose that role About my Project PageWithin this section of your portfolio you are expected to include the following:» a summary of your project, including the project idea, problem statement, and a high level overview of the projects aims» a statement about why you chose this project from the list of projects- What was it that drew you to this project????» an outline of the role that you have been assigned in your project Team and the expected responsibilities that you feel this role will carry within the project- Section 2 - Skill Development:Part of any good entrepreneurs tool kit is knowing where your strengths and weakness lie, so that you are able to build a team around you that is complete- Within this section of your portfolio we are asking you to identity three-3- skills that you would like to work on during this unit-or trimester across all your units--Therefore within this section you are expected to:» nominate three-3- skills that you would like to develop,» provide a brief plan for how you plan to development them within the trimester timeframe-» And provide an outline for how you would evidence the skills development and how you believe that these skills will link to your future career plans-» You will also be conducting a self-assignment of your currently capability relating to the skills that you have outlined for developed- Section 3 - My LearningWithin this section you will include 3 sub-section of content, which are listed below- It is within this section of your Portfolio that you will include the outcomes of your Case Study reviews-» Case Study 1» Case Study 2» Glossary of Terms -Optional Activity, this task will not form part of your grade for this assessment task- Case Studies Reviews 1 and 2 RequirementsWithin this section your will be presenting your review on your chosen case studies- For this section you will completing two case studies-To select an appropriate case study, you need to make sure that it is an innovation example- You start your search by focusing on:» A start-up company or enterprise» A product» An entrepreneur» Looking into a marketWithin your Pages for Cases studies 1 and 2 in your Pebble Pad Portfolio you will need to complete two sections for each of your two-2- case study reviews-1- An Executive summaryThis is a maximum 300-word summary of your case study, highlighting all the key features of your review-2- Upload a Word Document or PDF of Your Case Study Review-Your Case Study Review should consist of the follow sections:» Company name -you can include the CEO within this section- and mission statement» Product/service» Need/problem that they were addressing» Who were there target audience/target market????» How they developed their solution, did they require funding» How did they get their product/service out to the target audience/customer????» Challenges that they faced in their product/solution development» The competitors that they faced and how their product/ solution differs from those already on the market-» Where to next???? Are they a one hit wonder or do they have plans for the future-Remember that your work needs to be supported through evidence and referencing-Glossary of Terms -Optional Activity, this task will not form part of your grade for this assessment task- Another part of the start-up journey is to become familiar with terminology and language of the innovation industry- This sub-section will include the terms that you have collected over the first 5 weeks of this unit- To complete the section of your assignment task you will need to submit the terms discussed within the first 5 weeks of classes on the following topics:1- Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Ideation2- Design Thinking3- Innovation in action4- Agile development and sprints5- Customer Validation Attachment:- Enterprise, Entrepreneurship and Innovation-rar

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