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Assignment Detail:- SIT112 Data Science Concepts - Deakin University Assignment One: The theme for this assignment is to explore data related to COVID-19- In particular, we will use a public dataset -provided by OWID - Our World In Data website-, which provides up-to-date information on COVID-19 epidemic parameters and evolution, as well as economic and sociological parameters for all countries of the world- Our data strategy and task specifications for this assignment will focus on the analysis and descriptive analytics of how COVID spreads in the world- Part Description There are two main tasks for this assignment:• Construction of the data dictionary and• Data analytics tasks to perform data analysis and descriptive analytics- Construction of the Data Dictionary For a data scientist, after obtaining the dataset, the first most crucial task is to obtain a good understanding of the data they are dealing with- This includes: examining the data attributes -or, equivalently, data fields-, seeing what they look like, what is the data type for each field, and, from this information, determining suitable analysis tools- A systematic approach to this process, as we have learned from the lectures and practical sessions, is to construct a data dictionary for the dataset- You are required to prepare two sheets in your data dictionary Excel file: • Dataset description• Attribute dictionary The total for this task is 35 marks- The data description sheet is worth 5 marks- The attribute dictionary is worth 30 marks, where each correct attribute specification and justification are worth 2-5 marks- Name your solution as -YourID-_datadictionary-xls and submit this file- Data analytics tasks A Jupyter Notebook file assignment1_notebook-ipynb has been prepared for you to complete this task- Download this notebook, load it up to Jupyter and follow instructions inside the notebook to complete this task- Attachment:- Data Science Concepts-rar

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