Show effects of controls implemented and production rate

Assignment Detail:- Assessment - Quality Control This assessment task is based on activities during the Week 6 Intensive Day- If you have access to a manufacturing process/production line and wish to complete this assessment task based on that, please let your unit chair know- If the following conditions are met then you should be approved to use it: The facility has a manufacturing process suitable to undertake the assessment tasks : You will have the necessary access to that facility to undertake the tasks That you can provide video or photographic proof that you have actually undertaken the tasks Assessment background The first part of the assessment is analogous to the issues faced in a production line- A customer has specified that they require a "Pressurised Party Announcement Device" to certain specifications as per the figure below- They are willing to supply an initial set of materials and equipment to allow you to prove your viability to deliver a consistent product in the future- The customer's brother is a blackbelt in SixSigma and your customer is convinced that SixSigma must be achieved before they would award an ongoing production contract- They also want the fastest rate possible and any claims of a production rate proven-   The second part of the assessment task is breaking down one of the multitude of process steps required to manufacture a high quality carbon fibre wheel for a high performance vehicle: there will be a an opportunity to see a small section of the Carbon Revolution Manufacturing facility to understand their scale and the importance of every step of a production line- Assessment specification Students will be expected to investigate and understand how manufacturing process decisions can affect the whole production line in relation to process variation and how errors in small "minor" steps can have catastrophic effects on your product- The student should gain a basic understanding of how the process involved work, what variables can be controlled in the processes, and how each of these variables relate to final quality of the component- It is expected that students may need to do some literature/ independent research to fill in any gaps in their understanding to enable them to complete the report- Assessment requirements Each student will submit their OWN report that should be approximately 2500 words- Statistical Process Control and Variation 1- A graphical Process/Production Flow Chart -PFC- or Diagram -PFD- that clearly identifies the steps, inputs, routes, labour and equipment involved- 2- Statistical Process Control chart/s that clearly show effects of controls implemented and production rate targets- 3- A discussion on the ability of the production line to achieve SixSigma at specific production rate/s- Real world production process: A clear, accurate and brief explanation of how the manufacturing process works, including; 1- Process/Production Flow Chart -PFC- or Diagram -PFD- that clearly identifies the steps, inputs, routes, labour and equipment involved- This may also be in a table format- 2- Identification of what failures might occur at each process step, and if the failure is to be controlled in the design or while processing/assembling- 3- Identification of variables that may lead to the identified failure and that can be directly controlled by the operator to prevent defects- 4- Identification of each variable that can be directly measured by the operator of the equipment to detect defects- Your control steps should detail the specific variables that impact the quality issues in the manufacturing process, explaining how and why pressure/force, temperature and time may affect them, or if are they more affected by design and or equipment limitations -you will likely need to consult online or literature sources to be able to explain the mechanisms that cause these accurately-- Your detection and inspection methods must also be specific-

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