Serious consequence of stereotypes is the feeling of

Assignment Detail:- Stereotypes Ex-1 Highlight the correct articles A/An/The/No articles 1- Q: Is dad picking us up today????A: Nope, _________________ mom's picking us up- a- NO ARTICLEb- ac- the 2- Q: Who's that????A: That's _________________ guy I told you about last week- a- ab- thec- NO ARTICLE 3- Q: Why are you so upset????A: I'm not upset- You're _________________ one who's upset- a- theb- ac- NO ARTICLE 4- Q: Is this _________________ bad time???? Should I call you later????A: Yes, please call me in 30 minutes- a- theb- NO ARTICLEc- a 5- Q: How do you like my dress????A: Wow! That's _________________ one beautiful dress! a- ab- thec- NO ARTICLE 6- Q: Why won't your brother talk to me????A: Because you told him he was stupid! That was _________________ very mean thing to say- a- ab- thec- NO ARTICLE 7- Q: Do you like cats or dogs????A: I like them both, but I think I like ___________ cats more than _____________ dogs- a- ab- NO ARTICLEc- the 8- Q: Is this _________________ road to San Francisco????A: Yes, it is- a- ab- thec- NO ARTICLE 9- Q: Do you know the name of _________________ artist who painted this portrait????A: Yes, it's Henri Matisse- a- anb- NO ARTICLEc- the 10- Q: We'll never make it on time!A: Sure we will! I know _________________ shortcut- a- theb- ac- NO ARTICLE Ex-2 Vocabulary Dependant Prepositions1- I waited ____????you for more than an hour-2- I'm looking forward????_____????seeing you-3- We arrived????______????the station too late-4- We are thinking_____????going on a trip to Venice-5- Why are you shouting _____ me????6- This book belongs_____????me-7- I never complained????_______????my salary-8- I spent all my money????____ clothes-9- He got married????____????his boss-10- As soon as we arrived????______????Lisbon, we called our friends----------/10 Ex-3 Reading ComprehensionStereotypes A????stereotype????is a fixed idea that people have about what specific social groups or individuals are like, especially an idea that is wrong- Other terms that are associated with the term stereotype are????prejudice????and????cliché- The term has a Greek origin:????stereos????means????solid????or????firm????and????typos????mean????blow, impression, engraved????or????mark- The term was first used in the printing business- The first modern English use of the term was in 1850, meaning "image perpetuated without change-"Because stereotypes are standardized and simplified ideas of groups, based on some prejudices, they are not derived from objective facts, but rather subjective and often unverifiable ideas- As Sociologist Charles E- Hurst states* "One reason for stereotypes is the lack of personal, concrete familiarity that individuals have with persons in other racial or ethnic groups- Lack of familiarity encourages the lumping together of unknown individuals"- The existence of stereotypes may be explained by the need of groups of people to view themselves as more normal or more superior than other groups- Consequently, stereotypes may be used to justify ill-founded prejudices or ignorance and prevent people of stereotyped groups from entering or succeeding in various activities or fields- The stereotyping group are, generally, reluctant to reconsider their attitudes and behaviour towards stereotyped group- Stereotypes may affect people negatively- This includes forming inaccurate and distorted images and opinions of people- Stereotypes may also be used for scapegoating or for making general erroneous judgments about people- Some stereotyping people may feel comfortable when they prevent themselves from emotional identification with the stereotyped group, which leads to xenophobic or racist behaviour- Finally, another serious consequence of stereotypes is the feeling of inferiority that the stereotyped people may have, and which may impair their performance-1- The word stereotype has:a- a Greek origin-b- an English origin-2- Stereotypes are used to:a- make generalizations about different groups of people-b- have an accurate understanding of the stereotyped people-3- If you label people in terms of stereotypes, you will probably :a- be having an exact judgment of their worth-b- be behaving in a discriminatory way-4- Stereotyping my affect people-a- Positivelyb- Negatively5- stereotyping group are, generally,a- have positive attitudes and behaviour towards stereotyped group-b- reluctant to reconsider their attitudes and behaviour towards stereotyped group- Ex-4 Listening ComprehensionWatch the video, Stereotypes -Who talks more Men or Women????Write 5 sentences from the research you hear-1-2-3-4-5- Ex- 5 Travel Writing assignmentWriting guideline: Write approximately 100 words look at the people below and read their signsWrite a short essay - Have you or a friend ever been Stereotyped???? Write about what happened- Attachment:- Stereotypes-rar

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