Select a building that is designed to be used commercially

Assignment Detail:- REQUIREMENT Select an existing traditional commercial building in Australia to then analyse its current sustainability aspects/features to use for an upgrade to a much more sustainable building using the sustainable design concepts covered during the semester- You are required to select a building that is designed to be used commercially to then analyse and explain its current characteristics and features, highlighting any sustainable aspects and their benefits -if found-- Then, apply new sustainability design concepts/features that you have learnt during the semester to the building to reduce its negative impacts and enhance its sustainability- Chapter 1- Report introduction This chapter should cover the following:• Title• Summary -or abstract-• Table of contents• Introduction• Aim of the report• Objective-s- of the report -Report objectives should cover the key points on how to achieve the aim- Chapter 2 - The selected buildingThis chapter should cover the following:2-1 The selected building -description, type, use, location---etc--2-2 Current sustainability aspects analysis Chapter 3 - The applicable sustainability design concepts and featuresThis chapter should cover:3-1 The learnt sustainability design concepts and features- -what are they???? With your own explanations, illustrations, and examples-3-2 The applicable sustainability design concepts and features to the chosen building -what are the applicable designs and what are not applicable with reasons why for both-3-3 Expectations and results from applying the relevant -applicable- sustainability design concepts and features- Chapter 4 - Conclusion and recommendationsProvide a conclusion and recommendations about the previous chapters- Chapter 5 - ReferencesAll references must be cited in the appropriate location in the text and must be listed in this section- The citations and references must be in Harvard format-The library website has tools that can help you with this- AppendixThis section is for additional documents to support your report- -plans, maps, charts, figures, list of specifications----etc--

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