Review and evaluate how Governments use enterprise

Assignment Detail:- DEN201 Enterprise Architecture - Sydney International School of Technology & Commerce Assessment 1 - Individual Reflective Essay OverviewEnterprise Architecture is an essential component of a business blueprint so it can achieve its strategic objectives by ensuring enterprise-wide Business and IT Strategic Alignment- There are several perspective or ways the business can achieve this outcome- The contemporary approach used by most business is for business strategy to drive its business processes which is then supported by the IT infrastructure- For this assessment, you are expected to demonstrate your understanding of the concepts and theories covered in this unit through an Individual Reflective Essay- Learning Outcome 1: Restate business architecture and how to support the business to deliver strategic business outcomes; Learning Outcome 2: Demonstrate an understanding of the components of the CSVLOD Model of Enterprise Architecture: considerations, standards, visions, landscapes, outlines and designs- Learning Outcome 3: Review and evaluate how Governments use enterprise architecture to deliver citizen services; Learning Outcome 4: Evaluate and investigate key trends impacting organisations today and how enterprise architects respond to these trends- Assessment Parts For this assignment, you can pick any of the topics that have been covered between weeks 1 to 4 and write a reflective essay on the key concepts and theories that you might have covered during this period- It does not have to cover materials in all the weeks, for example, you might like to examine the Strategic Alignment Model by Henderson and Venkatraman -1999-- You can reflect on this model and how it can be applied across different organisations in the private or public sector- For the reflective essay, you are expected to write at least 1000 words- You can write more than 1000 words but no more than 2000 words- The goal is for you to demonstrate your understanding of the concepts and theories from a practical perspective using critical thinking and reflection- Critical thinking is simply questioning and analysing from different perspectives when putting together your essay- I have provided a link in this section to help you learn more about the importance of reflective writing through the course of your degree with a short 6 minutes video which clearly explain the importance of critical thinking and reflecting on one's work- Reflective Writing Link- Reflective Essay 1- The write up should be at least 1000 words but it should not exceed 2000 words- 2- The essay should be well researched and written in accordance with APA 7th Referencing style- 3- Everyone should clearly discuss different aspect of their chosen topic-s- and how they link to concepts and theories- Attachment:- Enterprise Architecture-rar

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