Represents the database structure you intend to build for

Assignment Detail:- HI5033 Database Systems - Holmes Institute Objective-s- This assessment item relates to the unit learning outcomes as in the unit descriptor- This assessment is designed to reinforce the lecture material and give students practice at applying Database design techniques, as well as providing a relational schema using DDL statements and relational DML statements to demonstrate sophisticated access of the Database to be built- Instructions This assessment will be completed in groups of 3 students -or as determined by the unit coordinator-- Groups will be formed within the first 2 weeks of class- If, in the view of the coordinator, groups are not forming within a reasonable time period, the coordinator will randomly allocate students to groups- Students will be expected to work within these groups for the remainder of the semester on the group case study- Each group will choose a particular type of Information System, research the storage requirements then design and build a possible database for that system- For instance, a group may choose a POS system for a supermarket, a small online savings bank, a stock management system for a financial firm etc--- Each group should choose a different system- To ensure this uniqueness, each group must decide on a system and email their idea to their tutor within the first 3 weeks- Your tutor will respond with an approval or with a message that you will either need to choose a different system or your tutor may decide alter your idea slightly for you-Once it has been approved you should begin by working towards the first deliverable- Database ER Model The ER Model deliverable is due in week 6 and represents the database structure you intend to build for the remainder of the group case study- The ER model is to use the crows foot notation, and must represent the database you will build- It needs to represent a realistic depiction of the data requirements for the system you have chosen- I would expect there to be at least 5- 7 tables in this ER model and perhaps more depending on the system you are building it for- The feedback you receive may instruct you to add more tables if it is not detailed enough- This will need to be submitted through blackboard- Database Schema DDL statements For this assessment you are to create the Schema DDL statement to create your database- These should be placed in a script, and it is to be demonstrated in class to your tutor- You will need to run the script to show the creation of the database to your tutor- You will also need to submit the script through blackboard- The tables created in the script should be normalized to -and including- third normal form- Your tables should have all appropriate Primary and Foreign keys detailed as well as any appropriate constraints- Sophisticated DML statements In this component you will need to provide a script with appropriate SQL insert statements to insert the initial data into all your tables- This will be designed to be run after the database creation to insert the data so you can demonstrate the following component: You are to construct a minimum of 5 SQL statements demonstrating a competency in SQL and sophisticated access to the data within your tables- At least 3 of your SQL statements must join multiple tables -Inner Join only is OK-- You should also demonstrate a script to update and delete a record as well, taking care to maintain database integrity- Here is the full list of groups for Sydney- Please make contact with your group members and decide on a topic for the case study- Please email me your topic when you have decided- Note that time is short - the first group assessment task is due on May 1 -in 9 days-- No group can do the same topic, so the earlier you do this the more chance you have of getting your choice- Please do not pick university / school as we have covered that in class- Also do not pick an IT company as one group is already doing that- Some possible ideas -also feel free to pick your own topic-:BankStockbrokerSupermarketRailwayAirlineCovid testing laboratoryHospitalOnline retailerTelevision stationUberDeliverooWheat export companyAccounting firmToll road operatorPharmaceutical research laboratory Attachment:- Database Systems-rar

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