Report using on Complexity Science principles and AI in

Assignment Detail:- DATA4900 Innovation and Creativity in Business Analytics - Kaplan Business School Report: Complexity Science and AI Your Part Students are to write a 2,000-word report using on Complexity Science principles and AI in business Assessment Description In this assessment, you will be writing an individual report that encourages you to be creative with business analytics, whilst also developing a response to brief containing a "wicked problem", to be addressed using Complexity Science principles and Artificial Intelligence- Urban Planning and design Assessment Instructions This assessment is set in the year 2023- Imagine that you are an expert in complexity science and manage staff using artificial intelligence- Land in your area has become scarce, however the populations is ever growing- There's a housing shortage and also evolving demand for many types of services, such as childcare centres, public parks, shops and recreation centres, and car parking- You have been asked to write a report on 1- how this issue can be viewed in terms of complexity science2- how artificial intelligence can be used in urban planning, re-developing and design of facilities and infrastructure- Your report should have• an introduction -250 words-• a section discussing urban planning and design in the context of complexity science -600 words-• a section on the role of artificial intelligence in business -100-• a section on how artificial intelligence is being used in urban planning and design -600 words-• a section recommending how artificial intelligence can be used in conjunction with complexity science in the future for urban planning and design -250 words-• a summary -200 words-• At least ten references in Harvard format Attachment:- Creativity in Business Analytics-rar

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