Report should include headings and sub-headings. It needs

Assignment Detail:- HI5003 Economics for Business Assignment Specifications Purpose: This assignment aims to enhance students' research and analytical ability through the application of their economics knowledge learned in the course unit to compose a company report- The recommended assignment structure for final submission is as follows:- Table of content- Executive Summary- Introduction- Company background- Industry/sector background- The market structure of the industry/sector- Micro-economic and macroeconomic factors that influence demand of the company's product-s- or services- Micro-economic and macroeconomic factors that influence supply of the company's product-s- or services- Elasticity- Recent macroeconomic event that affected the industry/company and, Australia- Recommendations- Conclusion- List of References- Detailed requirements of the assignmentYou are a group of advisors to the Management Board in your company with Headquarters in Australia- As advisors you are first, required to conduct research on your selected sector/industry covering the previous 5- 10 years- Second, you are required to present a company strategy to your Management Board and to the Federal Government of Australia covering the next 5 years- Third, your Management Board requires that you make a presentation of your findings and strategies, and you prepare a 3000-word market report- Note:i- if your company has many products and/or services, you can select a representative product/service to discuss for points -2-; -3-; -4-; and -5--ii- This report should provide useful information for your company's Management Board- It should use a variety of resources, including the textbook, newspapers, industry reports, the ABS website, and other sources-iii- Furthermore, your report should include headings and sub-headings- It needs to be properly referenced using the Harvard style and at least 5 references- *Australia sector/ industry selection distribution1- Agriculture: Floriculture industry2- Agriculture: fresh foods industry3- Construction services- Infrastructure and heavy construction4- Construction Services-Institutional and commercial building5- Construction Services-Renovation services6- E-commerce7- Education University and tertiary institutions8- Education: Early Childhood-Primary Education9- Education: Nursery and Education care sector10- Education: Private Schools education sector -Primary and secondary-11- Education: Private Technical and Further Education -TAFE- sector12- Education: Public Schools education sector -Primary and secondary-13- Education: Public Technical and Further Education -TAFE- sector14- Entertainment: Live performance industry15- Entertainment: recorded entertainment and cinema industry16- Finance: Superannuation services17- Financial services -Banking sector18- Financial services - Brokerage Services19- Financial services -Insurance Services20- Financial services -Tax and audit consulting21- Hair and beauty services22- Health Care services- Laboratory and diagnostic care services23- Health Care services- Private Health services24- Health Care Services-Dental care services25- Health Care-Disability services26- Healthcare services- Home care and Aged Care Services27- Internet services- Social networks or websites28- Internet services- Online forums29- Internet services -other-30- Information: land line telephone communications31- Leisure and hospitality: Marine tourism and charter vessels32- Leisure and hospitality: Cruise services33- Leisure and hospitality: Fast foods34- Leisure and hospitality: Hotel and Accommodation services35- Leisure and hospitality: Tour and Travels services36- Leisure and hospitality: Tourism and heritage sites37- Mannequins and modelling38- Manufacturing sector: Automotive industry39- Manufacturing sector: Ship building40- Manufacturing sector: food processing41- Manufacturing sector: beverages soft drinks including brewed and bottled drinks42- Manufacturing sector: beverages alcoholic drinks43- Manufacturing sector textiles, leather, clothing and accessories44- Manufacturing sector footwear and accessories45- Manufacturing sector: Furniture and wood products46- Manufacturing sector: pulp and paper products47- Manufacturing sector: printing including small and large production runs48- Manufacturing sector: metal and plastics manufacturing49- Manufacturing sector: chemical manufacturing and processing including fertilisers, pesticides50- Manufacturing sector: pharmaceutical, medicinal51- Manufacturing sector: cleaning products, toiletries,52- Manufacturing sector: cleaning products, toiletries,53- Manufacturing sector: cosmetics, photographic and explosives54- Manufacturing sector: machinery and equipment manufacturing including parts55- Manufacturing sector: furniture and fixtures manufacturing56- Manufacturing sector: Meat and meat products,57- Manufacturing sector: Dairy products,58- Manufacturing sector: Sugar and confectionery manufacturing,59- Manufacturing sector: Fruit and vegetable processing,60- Manufacturing sector: Bakery products,61- Manufacturing sector: Oil and fat manufacturing,62- Media and Entertainment- cinematography63- Media and Entertainment- Radio services64- Media and Entertainment-Music, dance and drama services65- Media and Entertainment-Television services66- Mining: Coal mining67- Mining: Gem and other natural resource industries68- Mining: Oil and gas industry69- Mining: Other minerals70- Petroleum exploration71- Pharmaceutical industry72- Postal and Warehousing Professional73- Property market, Rental, Hiring and Real Estate Services74- Publishing industry75- Quarrying industry76- Quaternary sector: Computing and ICT -information and communication technologies-77- Quaternary: Research and design -R&D-78- Quaternary: consultancy -offering advice to businesses-79- Racing industry80- Real Estate81- Recreation/ Hotel and restaurants82- Retail trade83- Sea food industry84- Scientific, Technical Services and Architectural services85- Telecommunication services - Mobile cell trade services86- Telecommunication services- Mobile phone manufacturing87- Telecommunication Services-Mobile phone repair services88- Textile industry89- Transport -Private bus services90- Transport Services-Private-for-hire Vehicle -non-rail- Industry91- Transport Services-Public bus services92- Transport services- Train services93- Utilities: Electricity supply services94- Utilities: Gas supply services95- Utilities: Water and Waste Services96- Utilities: Water, sewerage and drainage services97- WarehousingExchange files with a group• With file exchange, you can share files with other members of your group, including your instructor- • You can't create folders in file exchange- With your group, decide how you want to name files so that they are easier to locate in a long list- Add a file to the file exchange-i- Group Tools > File Exchange > Add File-ii- Add a name for the file you want to upload- Browse for the file and submit--iii- Delete a file from the file exchange-iv- You can delete any file, even if you didn't upload it- On the File Exchange page, select Delete in the file's menu- Group BlogAll the group members can discuss about the assignment by using Group Blog- Once you are allocated in a group, you can see this function- *Note: You can select company from the bold text 1-37 Attachment:- Economics for Business-rar

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