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Assignment Detail:- HI6008 Business Research Project Report on Research Design and Methodology Purpose: The purpose of this assessment is to ensure each student is able to demonstrate their ability to apply relevant business research methodology, including proposed sample frame, data collection, analysis and interpretation-This assignment builds on and extends the topic selected in assignment 1 and researched more thoroughly in assignment 2- This unit aims to give you an opportunity to combine many facets of your acquired MBA skills into the production of a high-quality research report- Assignment 3 - the Research Design and Methodology - is to ensure each student is able to contribute to the construction of a written report demonstrating their understanding of the business research paradigm, appropriate methodology, and the plan they would follow regarding primary data, i-e- data collection, analysis and interpretation -which would normally be required post-literature review in order to complete a project-- -Note that you are NOT required or permitted to actually go out and collect primary data-- This assessment builds upon your Literature Review -assessment 2- in that you should now be aware of what additional data is needed to lead you to the answer to your research question -RQ-- Rather than search for additional secondary data, this methodology report requires you to specify what primary data you would plan to collect and analyse- -Note that you are NOT required or permitted to actually go out and collect primary data-- In this assessment you will document what you have decided is the most appropriate methodology, including whether qualitative or quantitative methods- If you choose a quantitative approach, you will state your hypothesis, how you intend to verify it, what data you need, how it can be collected and analysed- If you choose a qualitative approach, you will decide which method is appropriate, how you would design the questionnaire and state how you would collate and interpret your data- -Note that you are NOT required or permitted to actually obtain primary data-- Your tutor will FACILITATE you through the process, week by week, in the tutorials- The learning will be progressive, so for best results you will need to be in weekly attendance at tutorials and be willing to interact with your peers in practising key research skills and peer-reviewing others' work- This submission requires an appendix in which it is stated which members of the group wrote which sections of the Business Research Design and Methodology- Assignment Structure should be as the following: 1- Introduction, including your research question -RQ-- 2- A detailed research methodology addressing the Research Design -see Marking Rubric row 2- proposed research sample -see Marking Rubric row 3-, questionnaire design -see Marking Rubric row 4-, envisaged data collection method, and envisaged analysis method -see Marking Rubric row 5-, and a conclusion -see Marking Rubric row 6--Note that you are NOT required or permitted to actually obtain primary data- 3- List of references in Holmes adapted Harvard style -for all sources used in this report- 4- Append a statement stating ‘Who Wrote What' -unless you worked as a solo group- Attachment:- Business Research Project-rar

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