Report analyzing a Victorian/Melbourne apartment building

Assignment Detail:- Question: Report analyzing a Victorian/Melbourne apartment building or mixed-use development building of your choice- DETAILS Your analysis should include the following: Any four clauses from the 'Better Apartments Design Standards eg/ Building Setback, Noise Impacts, Private Open Space and Accessibility One clause from the 'Better Apartments in Neighbourhoods - Discussion Paper 2019' Green Space, Appearance of the Building, Wind Impacts, Street Interface, Construction Impacts INSTRUCTIONS Your report should: demonstrate your understanding of the clauses by means of analysing compliance/non-compliance of your selected building be well-presented and supported with diagrams, images, sketches, annotations etc- for each compliance clause- * You may include an appendix to include plans, sketches, schedules etc Class: Domestic apartment buildings - a building containing two or more sole-occupancy units where people live above, beside or below each other- This class may also include single-storey attached dwellings with a common space below, such as a carpark- Reference the clauses to Bads and NCCFor better apartments design standards 1- What is requirement???? 2- What is in the Project 3- Does it comply and how does it comply 4- Prove how it complies 5- What the rules are for compliance 6- Drawing, sketch, plans - Must7- If any Drawings or permits, get it from council 8- Original plan of the building

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