Reflects an issue of exclusion/inclusion and social justice

Assignment Detail:- EST535 Society and Education - Charles Darwin University Multimedia Presentation Part Description : Question 1- Pick ONE of the following books:• Cece Bell -2014- "El Deafo"• Anita Heiss -2018- "Growing Up Aboriginal in Australia"• Robin Diangelo -2018- "White Fragility"• J- D- Vance -2017- "Hillbilly Elegy"• Carly Findlay -2021- "Growing up Disabled in Australia" Question 2- Pick a specific example/scenario from the book that reflects an issue of exclusion/inclusion and social justice in contemporary Australian education we have been discussing in this unit- Question 3- Produce a 4-6 minute movie/multimedia presentation based on this example, drawing in your critique, other unit readings, and Australian education policies- Your assignment should be referenced using APA 7 Assignment NotesYou are tasked with creating a multimedia presentation• There should be one button which allows the movie to play -PowerPoint has this capacity-- You can upload in Learnline or provide a YouTube link- You can choose for your video to be unlisted, but do not choose the private security setting or we won't be won't be able to access and watch your video-• Your movie will be thoughtful, pithy, insightful, novel, and/or personal and demonstrate how you connect 1-3 key ideas from the selected text to the learning in the unit/your life/contemporary Australian schooling and communities-• It should be clear you engaged with your selected media -book or the tv series-• It should be coherent- The sound, images, voice, should all support the narrative, so the sum is greater than the parts-• Be sure to use music and images that have Creative Commons licenses and cite them in the movie credits at the end of your movie-• Attend to volume levels of background music- Often students put music over their narrative and it's too loud- The viewer needs to able to hear/understand you- Attachment:- Project Assignment-rar

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