Reflection on individual and organisational problems and

Assignment Detail:- HC2121 Comparative Business Ethics & Social Responsibility - Holmes Institute Reflection on individual and organisational problems and challenges This assignment aimed to draw on the concepts and models used in this unit to evaluate diverse approaches to ethical decision-making and to apply problem-solving skills in solving and managing ethical dilemmas within an organisation- This assignment will help you develop skills in applying the course contents in an organisational analysis- PurposeThis assignment aims at providing students with an opportunity to reflect on ethical dilemmas and challenges in contemporary organisations and apply concepts and frameworks covered within the subject to solving such problems- In groups of 4, students must:Search local newspapers/reports for an ethical issue that is topical- It might be the politics surrounding a minority group, or the latest corporate scandal, or some other issue of interest to you- In 2500 words, briefly describe the case and then evaluate it using the key terminologies/theories that have been discussed in the lecture slides and support your claims/arguments with key research findings/peer-reviewed academic articles- If you can't locate an ethical issue in local newspapers/reports, you may wish to investigate One of the following corporate scandals:United Airlines Equifax Enron Google Assignment report structure should be, as follows: 1- The report must include a cover page with who did what section in the report- 2- Table of Contents 3- Executive Summary 4- An Introduction and background information of the selected organisation: Briefly introduce the purpose of the report- Within the introductory paragraph, you need to address the key topics you will address in the body paragraphs- 5- Overview of the current organisational ethical problem or challenge- 6- Detailed analysis of the current organisational ethical problem supported with relevant concepts and theories that have been covered in the lectures and tutorials- 7- Recommendations and Conclusion: Outline some recommendations and the conclusion must briefly summarise the key points in the body paragraphs- 8- Reference List: Please include all in-text references in the list of references formatted in Harvard style- A minimum of 10 references is required- Attachment:- Assignment Guidelines - Comparative Business Ethics-rar

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