Reflecting on the process and experiences of putting your

Assignment Detail:- Business Capstone Reflection Context:Reflection provides the opportunity to detail what learning has occurred and the meaning you have gathered from various learning experiences- This practice helps to solidify new knowledge and prepare the brain for similar experiences in the future- Instructions:Throughout your capstone experience, you will have developed a substantial project that assimilates the learning from your MBA subjects- In addition, over the course of your MBA you have recorded your journey in the form of journal entries -omit journal entries-- This final report is about reflecting on the process and experiences of putting your business capstone project together and how you have drawn on the learning from your MBA Main part:In 1500 words, present a reflection, using one of the more widely accepted Reflexive models as a guide, on changes to your understanding as you applied theory to practice from your MBA journey and the process of producing your project- Below are some suggested questions that you can use to help guide your reflective thinking- 1- What did you learn and how useful it is in future for you???? 2- What was challenging and what was easy???? 3- Compared to the beginning of your capstone project, has your thinking changed???? If so in what ways???? Attachment:- Business Capstone Reflection-rar Rated 4.8 / 5 based on 22789 reviews.

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