Reflecting on the Market Entry Plan and explain how this

Assignment Detail:- Question 1Finalize John Deere manufacturing company's Market Entry Plan by addressing a- and completing b- for reflection- a- How would your recommendations of the country and market entry option impact the firm in terms of its organizational structure, functions and processes, products, and resources???? b- Reflecting on the Market Entry Plan and Part a- above, explain how this process has specifically assisted you to develop an understanding of how a global business run- Question 2Manounya is an emerging economy in Asia with a population of 80 million- In the last two decades, the country has developed a strong manufacturing industry covering a wide range of consumer products- The country has a growing middle-class population as a result of its rapid economic growth with GDP per capita reaching USD20,000 in 2021- The overall education level in the country has been steadily improving keeping pace with the economic development with a large pool of skilled people- To further strengthen the nation's manufacturing capability and transform the industry to a high-tech based one, the Manounya government has developed long-term strategies to encourage investment that will facilitate the transformation, including providing incentives to attract foreign investment- However, in the past three years, there have been increasing tensions between Manounya and its largest trading partner, with which Australia is allied- Using the Manounya scenario and any assumptions that are deemed necessary and appropriate, discuss the opportunities and risks for an Australian company specialised in developing high-tech medical equipment to expand its business to Manounya as part of its internationalisation strategy- References MUST be provided in-text and in a reference list as per the Harvard style of referencing- Please also include a Table of Contents-

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