Reflect on your experience of interviewing and analysing

Assignment Detail:- PUBH6013 Qualitative Research Methods Assessment - Investigation Report Learning Outcome 1: Apply qualitative research methods through undertaking data collection through, e-g- focus group, interviews, observational methods Learning Outcome 2: Appreciate cultural and ethical considerations for qualitative research in Public Health Learning Outcome 3: Understand sampling techniques, bias and rigour as they apply to qualitative research Learning Outcome 4: Apply coding and analysis techniques to qualitative data Context: This assessment involves preparing a report with data analysis/discussion of interviews and a brief presentation- There are two steps for this assignment- Part A involves writing a report and Part B involves a 10 minute presentation in class- Assessment 3A advances skills in analysing and reporting qualitative data, and reflexivity of practice- Key understanding includes how to generate meaning from qualitative data, how to report the results of qualitative analysis, and how to reflect on one's own performance to identify strengths and opportunities for growth- The assessment prepares students for an important task common to the public health practitioner role- Instructions: Analysis: Use the resources in module six to: 1- Code the data that you collect from your interviewees- 2- Develop themes based on your coding- 3- Report on the themes that you've identified, supported by relevant quotes from your interviewees- Report this part in the same style as the results section of a qualitative journal article- Reflection: reflect on your experience of interviewing and analysing the data- What did you do well, and what did you struggle with???? What could you learn to do better???? What did you learn through this experience???? Assessment Criteria: • Ability to interpret and analyse data, and report the results appropriately • Reflection upon the interview experience and demonstrates reflexivity• Use of academic conventions Attachment:- Qualitative Research Methods-rar

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