Reflect on feedback to identify opportunities for self-

Assignment Detail:- BIZ102 Understanding People and Organisations Assessment - Video Presentation Learning outcome 1: Explain the importance of self-awareness and emotional intelligence, and analyse its impact on professional competencies- Learning outcome 2: Integrate strategies to effectively interact with others in a diverse professional context Learning outcome 3: Identify and reflect on own strengths and their application in the business context Learning outcome 4: Reflect on feedback to identify opportunities for self- improvement and professional development Context As you now know, a key to self-directed learning is reflection- Reflection enables the ability to examine situations to better understand the surrounding context and identify potential self- improvement for the future- This assessment task aims to develop your awareness and reflective learning ability while also assessing your understanding of your VIA Character Strengths identified in module 3- This task requires also a level of creativity by creating the reflection visually in the format of a video Pecha Kucha -20 slides - each one for 20 seconds-, presented in the first person- You should try to be as open and honest with yourself as you can- Instructions This assessment task requires you to do the following: 1- Read and watch the learning resources in module 3 2- Complete the free VIA Character strengths adult survey 3- Create your Pecha Kucha -pronounced: pe-cha-coo-cha- addressing the Guiding Questions listed below- Your Pecha Kucha video presentation must have 20 slides, with 20 seconds of spoken commentary for each slide, recorded and submitted as a video- 4- Identify theoretical concepts reviewed in module 3 that support your ideas in the Pecha Kucha 5- Include at least three academic references to the BIZ102 Module 3 Learning Resources, to supportyour ideas 6- Slides 1-8 of your video presentation must include a video on each slide of youpresenting your Pecha Kucha- 7- Slide 2 of your with a screen screenshot of your top 5 strengths from the VIA survey on slide 2 -include in the screenshot your name and the time the test was taken- 8- Slides 9-19 must be presented using a voice recording or video on each slide of youverbally presenting your Pecha Kucha 9- Slide 20 is for the reference list - please follow the APA 7th edition style of referencing to cite your visual and academic resources using in text citations andthe reference list in the required format Guiding questions 1- What are your top five strengths for the VIA strengths survey and which of the domains -key themes- are they from???? 2- Were you surprised by any of your top five strengths???? Why???? 3- How and where do you currently use your top five strengths???? 4- How could you use your top strength differently and what might happen if you overuse it???? 5- What do you think will be the greatest challenges for you in reaching your personal, academic and career goals???? And which strength from your top five strengths could you draw on to assist you???? Step 1: Research• Complete your VIA Character strengths survey - ensuring you download your results and take a screen shot of your top five strengths- Read about your top five strengths and the domains they come from in the pdf report-• Review the Module 3 materials and decide which theoretical concepts can be used to support your discussion and Pecha Kucha presentation-• Review these Pecha Kucha examples to help you develop your creativity-Step 2: Plan• Decide which free visual software to use for your Pecha Kucha - PowerPoint, Canva or Google Slides-• Draft a plan for your 20 slides, ensuring you select appropriate images and visuals to support your responses to the guiding questions above-• Create a script for your Pecha Kucha - each slide should be no more than 20 seconds- Step 3: Create• Select images to use in the Pecha Kucha for each of the 20 slides• Use a small amount of text only on each slide such as bullet points and avoid long sentences• Using the software that you have selected, create video recordings to be included for slides 1-8• Next, create the audio recordings for slides 9-19 Step 4: Edit• Make slide 20 for the reference list and follow APA 7 formatting• Include at least 3 in-text citations from the Module 3 resources to support your theoretical concepts for your Pecha Kucha• Check you have answered all the guiding questions Step 5: Proofread• Ensure there are 20 slides with video and audio recordings as stated above• Proofread - check spelling, language, grammar and punctuation Attachment:- Assessment - Brief Pecha-rar

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